Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Great Lengths 5000 Ultrasonic

5000 Ultrasonic Hair Extension Machine
Technology is the passion of Great Lengths International, and the Ultrasonic 5000 method is the result of that passion. This "cold fusion" method uses no heat. Ultrasound vibrations soften the Great Lengths hair extension bonds so that it can either be moulded into a rounded bond for volume or wrapped around the hair to form a flat, seemless bond.

Extension Technicians and their clients are raving about the Ultrasonic 5000 which is able to produce attachment sites that flow seamlessly from the client's natural hair into the Great Lengths hair extension strands. Just as resilient as the 3200 Thermal method and with even quicker application, the Ultrasonic 5000 can accomplish amazing results for clients with extremely fine, thin hair.

Unlike other systems, where glue guns and wax melting pots are used, the 5000 applicator allows for very clean and precise application. The result is undetectable attachments that are brushable, durable and, most importantly, non-damaging to the client's natural hair.

The Great Lengths Ultrasonic 5000, simply put, is the world's finest system for the application of human hair strands.

The Application
in Action

Great Lengths Ultrasonic Application Videos

Watch the video and see a hair extension application using the Great Lengths Ultrasonic 5000.