Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Fusion Hair Extensions versus Great Lengths Individual Strands

Pre-bonded ExtensionsAlso known as fusion hair extensions, iTip,UTip,VTip.Hair extension strands are bonded to the natural hair with various types of adhesives such as keratin, glue, plant based and petroleum based adhesives. If pre bonded, a application machine is used to soften the bond. All other methods use a “glue gun”.

  • Fusion hair extensions are generally the most discrete (depending on the application techniques).
  • They're permanent, meaning you have gorgeous thick hair everyday for up to 6 months.
  • They're easy to maintain if you have the correct guidelines. With a little extra TLC (and depending on the bond) you care for fusion hair extensions in much the same way that you would your natural hair.
  •  If not applied and removed by a trained technician you could risk damage to your natural hair.
  • Fusion hair extensions can require 4+ hours for application depending on the amount of strands needed.
  • Many fusion extensions are applied with "glue guns" which are messy and time consuming.
  • Many fusion hair extensions use polymers which are petroleum based or glue adhesives - these are not compatible with the human hair and may cause unnecessary damage.

Great Lengths
Individual Strands

  • Our patented bonds are a unique keratin protein which mimics the human hair's molecular structure. This makes it easier to maintain, less damaging and compatible with elements such as heat, water and sunlight.
  • The bonds are the same colour as the hair and when fused to the natural hair they are barely visible.
  • Great Lengths Classic and Ultrasonic application machines give the versatility of flat and round bonds. Flat bonds give a seemless more fluid result while round bonds achieve more volume.
  • Application takes approx 2 hours depending on the amount of strands required.
  • They're easy to maintain. We provide all clients with Maintenance Guides for a few tips to keeping your hair in tip top condition. However you care for your Great Lengths in much the same way as you would your normal hair. Even brushing is the same provided you have a Great Lengths soft bristle brush.
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