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NEW Great Lengths Multisonic

With speed and precision, the new Great Lengths MULTISONIC applies 5 strands at a time, creating exquisite smooth pillow bonds that are ultra comfortable.

Great Lengths Multisonic Tweezer Great Lengths Multisonic Bonds

Considered the world's most advanced hair extension specialists, Great Lengths have revolutionised this sector of the hair industry time and time again. The latest innovation from Great Lengths to hit Australian shores is simply the most outstanding hair extension application machine available.

Instead of applying 100 to 150 single strands, the Multisonic uses 15 to 20 hair transfer sets and each set can be attached in a matter of seconds. Time-consuming procedures such as rolling or folding the bonds are no longer necessary.

Great Lengths' patented synthesized keratin bond encompasses the natural hair so that it lies flat and grows out evenly dispersed without tangles.

Two-tone colour effects such as highlights and lowlights are bonded in one application so that they're blended seamlessly, no stripe effect or streaking.

This revolutionary heat free process by Great Lengths, means your hair remains lustrous, healthy and smooth.

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The Application
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Great Lengths Multisonic Application Videos

Watch the video and see a hair extension application using the Great Lengths Multisonic.