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What are Russian Hair Extensions

Many brands will claim that their hair is Russian giving the impression that the hair sourced would come from a Caucasian donor, or the assumption that this means high quality. As there is very little regulation in Australia and New Zealand around claims made by extension brands, it is very difficult to disprove these assumptions, but it’s helpful to examine the information we do have.

Geography of Russian Hair Extensions

With one glimpse at a map, you will note the long southern border Russia shares with China. In fact, there are regions considered Russia where the ethnicity of the local culture is Asian. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with Asian hair for hair extensions, it does not naturally wave like Caucasian hair. In choosing your hair extensions hair that claims to be Russian, and very well may be, they will still lie unnaturally flat against your own hair and the difference will be noticeable. In some cases, the hair is heated into waves, coated in silicones and passed off as Russian hair giving the illusion of Caucasian hair.

A Cost Analysis of Hair Extensions

While it’s an uncomfortable thing to acknowledge, the cheaper the hair extension, the more it’s reasonable to imagine that it is of poor quality (for example brushed hair), or that the origins of collection may have been able to obtain the hair without paying a fair price. How many women with naturally beautiful long hair are willing to cut it all off for very little money? Often, the truth is that women are under incredible duress and often, as a desperate measure use their hair for income. While claiming that Russian Hair extensions are the ‘crème de la crème’, how likely is it that their low price point was a factor of unethical procurement?

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