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Great Lengths Hair ExtensionsItalian crafted hair extensions made from 100% human remi hairIt's no wonder Great Lengths has been the leader in hair extensions for over 18 years, find out what sets us apart.
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colour blocking Hair ExtensionsReusable, easy and completely undetectable, Great Lengths innovative new tape extension is faster than traditional tape methods (sandwich method) and is avaialable now
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Great Lengths : Why we're considered the best hair extensions.


Great Lengths hair extensions are handcrafted in Italy. The hair originates from the temples in India where it has been willingly donated as a sacrifice to the gods of the temple. 100% of Great Lengths hair is ethically sourced via the temple hair auctions, Indian virgin temple hair is highly recommended for the best hair extensions due to the fact that it has never been chemically processed through bleaching and colouring and the texture of the hair matches that of Caucasian markets. Read More

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