Balayage bronde hair Extensions

Bronde Colour Hair Extensions

Great Lengths bronde colours are two-toned extensions that have a gentle and gradual colour change from root to end. These extensions create the sun-kissed balayage look. If you have all one natural tone and add bronde hair extensions the effect will be a soft balayage.

The processes Great Lengths hair goes through to get just the right colours is intricate and completely done by hand.

  • All hair is virgin quality, never having been chemically treated.
  • For lightening, Great Lengths uses patented depigmentation process.
  • After depigmentation, hair is re-dyed with fade-proof textile dyes.
  • Finally, each batch is hand blended for realistic tonality.

Available Extension in Bronde Colours

Bronde 63 on 23

Bronde 63 on 23 Hair Extensions

Bronde 63 on 23

Colour 6 to 24 Hair Extensions

Colour 67 on 24

67/24 Rooted Hair Extensions

Bronde 03 on 84

Colour 03 to 84 Bronde Hair Extensions

Bronde 05 on 08

Bronde 05 on 08 Hair Extensions

Bronde 08 on 84

Colour 08 to 84 Hair Extensions