Beach baes and hair extensions – friend or foe?

Are you a beach bae, a surfer, or someone who simply loves soaking up the sun by the sea? If so, you might have wondered about the compatibility of hair extensions with an active lifestyle that involves constant exposure to sun, sea, and surf. Beach baes and hair extensions – friend or foe? is a question that resonates with those seeking the perfect balance between maintaining a stylish look and embracing the carefree vibes of beach life.

At the heart of the Great Lengths philosophy is the keratin bond, designed to expand when wet and contract when dry. This unique feature is a game-changer, keeping your natural hair safe from damage, especially when it’s in its most vulnerable state – wet. The keratin bond’s ability to adapt to the moisture levels ensures that your hair remains protected and healthy, even in challenging environments.

Activities involving a constant, damp environment, such as swimming in sea water and chlorine, may pose concerns for the longevity of hair extensions. However, Great Lengths provides a solution to address these challenges.

Swim Smart with Great Lengths

If you’re a water enthusiast, whether you love to surf, swim, or simply splash around, Great Lengths has got you covered. Here’s how you can make the most of your hair extensions without compromising on your aquatic adventures:

  1. Wet Your Hair Before Swimming: Prior to diving into the ocean or the pool, ensure your hair is completely wet. This simple step creates a barrier, preventing chlorine and saltwater from sticking to your hair and extensions.
  2. Post-Swim Care: Immediately after your swim, apply the Great Lengths Anti-Tap Water remedy. This not only eliminates potential damage from the alkalinity in the water but also aids in drying the base area, following the prescribed method.
  3. Keratin Bond Hydrolysis: For beach lovers and pool-goers, the hydrolyzed keratin in Great Lengths bonds is a game-changer. It means the bonds expand and contract with water, eliminating the need to dry your hair separately. These bonds are not affected by chlorine or salt, ensuring they endure all the elements you throw at them.

The Truth Between #HairExtensions and Sun + Surf

So, is it safe to have hair extensions if you’re a surfer or a beachgoer? In a word, yes. The key lies in choosing the right method and having a knowledgeable hairdresser guide you through the process. For those with active, outdoorsy lifestyles, keratin bond hair extensions can be a gentle and effective choice.Little shredder @izzie_caldow is here to show that Great Lengths Australia won’t hold you back from anything, even the waves.

Extensions for Swimmers

If you’re a beach lover like @hollyodgen__, you have nothing to worry about your keratin bonds hair extensions. The hydrolyzed keratin in Great Lengths bonds offers unparalleled flexibility. These bonds expand and contract with water, mimicking the behaviour of your natural hair. No need to worry about drying your hair separately; the bonds will adapt seamlessly without causing any damage.

However, just like your own hair, constant exposure to chlorine and saltwater can lead to dehydration and lightening. To combat this, consider drenching your hair in tap water before swimming, creating a protective barrier against chlorinated or saltwater penetration.

Dive into the Great Lengths Experience!

In conclusion, beach babes and hair extensions can indeed be the best of friends. With the right care and knowledge, you can enjoy the sun, sea, and surf without compromising the health and longevity of your gorgeous Great Lengths hair extensions. So, dive in, ride the waves, and let your hair be an extension of your vibrant, active lifestyle.

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