Coloured Hair Extensions: Get Your Perfect Match Every time 

Are you dreaming of luscious locks that not only add length and volume but also perfectly match your hair colour?  

Today, explore blending hair seamlessly, spotlighting Great Lengths’ revolutionary approach. Discover how our 100+ colour range transforms hair and redefines traditional colouring methods and the art of perfectly matching hair colours. Let’s unravel the differences between coloured and customised extensions to help you find your perfect match.

Coloured Hair Extensions: Embracing the Palette

Great Lengths presents a spectrum of 100+ colours, spanning light blondes to deep blacks to fashion colours. Infuse depth seamlessly without traditional colouring methods. Enhance your natural hair, creating a flawless look that even your closest friends won’t discern.

Likewise, coloured hair extensions offer a notable advantage by adding highlights, lowlights, and fashion colours without harsh chemical processes. This is a game-changer for those desiring versatility without compromising hair health.

Pre-blending Coloured Hair Extensions

Step into customization, where your desires shape the outcome. Great Lengths specialists customise keratin bonds for your unique needs—length, volume, or colour. Meticulously crafted, the bonds mimic your natural hair flow.

Great Lengths employs custom blending, fusing two shades for an invisible finish where the bond attaches to your natural hair and this method ensures a seamless, undetectable look.

Furthermore, pre-blending is essential for beautiful, dimensional hair. Real-time pre-blending ensures a custom colour and bond size for a perfect match. Additionally, Great Lengths cold fusion tongs blend two colours for a soft, bright blonde, resizing standard keratin bonds to custom fit individual density and style.

Check out how @hairbymichelle_ likes to do her pre-blends.

The Intricate Journey of Great Lengths Hair: Quality and Craftsmanship

Great Lengths goes the extra mile in delivering the finest quality hair extensions. The hair undergoes an intricate process, starting with virgin quality that has never been chemically treated. Also for lightening, a patented depigmentation process is employed, followed by re-dyeing with fade-proof textile dyes. Each batch is then hand-blended to achieve realistic tonality, ensuring a natural appearance that seamlessly integrates with your own hair.

Moreover, the attention to detail in the colouring process ensures that your extensions complement the natural tones of your hair. Generally, Great Lengths stylists often select different shades to create a multi-tonal effect, mimicking the nuanced tones present in your own hair.

@staceywrighthairdesign aimed to seamlessly blend her client’s existing colour to achieve a natural grey blend.

Embrace the Beauty of Effortless Transformation

The intricate processes Great Lengths employs to achieve their colour palette are unparalleled. Also virgin hair, patented depigmentation, and fade-proof dye undergo hand-blending, ensuring each batch achieves realistic tonality with meticulous precision. Above all, detail ensures seamless integration with your hair, allowing for highlights, lowlights, fashion colours, and ombré styles, maintaining quality.

In conclusion, finding the perfect colour to match your hair involves a thoughtful consideration of various factors. Whether opting for a natural blend or experimenting with creative colours, the key is to understand your hair, skin tone, and personal style. Finally, care for extensions like natural hair and invest in salon-recommended products for vibrant colour and healthy locks.

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