Great Lengths Launches Volume, The New Hair Topper

In the ever-evolving landscape of haircare, Great Lengths launches Volume, the new Hair Topper, a groundbreaking solution to address hair thinning and boost confidence. Also designed with cutting-edge technology and precision, promises a transformative experience for those seeking to enhance their hair volume and density.

Unveiling GL Volume Technology

Great Lengths adopts a unique thickening technology to create GL Volume, a product meticulously hand-sewn into a lace net, and knotted with high-quality natural hair. This innovative approach aims to instil confidence in women experiencing hair loss, thinning, or sparse spots around the crown.

Moreover, the application of GL Hair Topper is not only fast but also seamless, thanks to the integration of GL Keratin drops and GL Braid. These components ensure an undetectable blend with the client’s natural hair, leaving a finish that is both natural and flawless. Crucially, this process doesn’t damage the natural hair, offering clients a chance to feel 100% themselves again.

GL Volume’s Unique Features

Firstly, GL Drops. It plays a pivotal role in securing the GL Volume piece to the natural hair. Synchronised with the hair’s natural structure, GL Keratin has a molecular structure closely resembling human hair. It expands in water and contracts upon drying, preserving the natural hair and preventing damage.

Secondly, GL Volume Net. Hand-sewn hair onto the net ensures knots are inside, preventing contact with the scalp and minimising irritation. The lace netting’s design allows natural hair to loop through comfortably while permitting the scalp to breathe. The net’s colour closely matches the client’s natural base, rendering it invisible when applied.

Lastly, Remy Hair. Great Lengths upholds the highest quality with Remy hair, where all strands align from roots to ends. This commitment ensures healthier, smoother, and shinier hair, minimising unpleasant tangling. Rigorous quality control maintains the natural direction of hair throughout production.

The Natural Solution to Thinning Hair

The GL Hair Topper application process is remarkably quick, taking less than an hour to deliver a new look. Clients can further personalise their style with brushing, flat iron, and styling. With proper care, it lasts 4-6 weeks, and after removal, it can be refitted for optimal attachment to natural hair. Additionally, with attentive care and maintenance, the GL Volume can last up to an impressive 8 months, with the possibility of regeneration twice.

Moreover, GL Volume’s colour range is an artistic masterpiece, blending 4 to 6 shades to mimic natural hair tones. This meticulous colouring process ensures a final result that seamlessly resembles the client’s natural hair.

Versatile Types to Suit Your Needs

Regular: Ideal for clients dealing with hair loss and thinning. The hand-woven net enables stylists to easily loop the client’s hair through and fix the piece with a secure hold.

High Density: Tailored for those experiencing heavy hair loss. The narrowly woven net allows for secure anchoring, ensuring stability and confidence for the wearer.

Plus: Integrates a skin top with a medical-grade adhesive strip for added convenience. This predefined shape provides an additional layer of security and ease of application.

Redefining Confidence with GL Volume

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In conclusion, Great Lengths’ launch of GL Volume marks a significant leap forward in addressing hair thinning. This revolutionary solution, backed by cutting-edge technology and meticulous craftsmanship, offers women the confidence to embrace their unique beauty. With a swift application process, personalised options, and a colour range that mimics natural hair, GL Volume stands as a testament to Great Lengths’ commitment to empowering individuals on their journey to self-confidence and beauty.