10 Reasons Why You Should Never Use Unapproved Home Hair Care

In the world of hair care, the choices we make can have a lasting impact on the health and vitality of our locks. While the convenience of unapproved home hair care products may seem tempting, the potential consequences, especially for those with extensions, can be detrimental.  Here are 10 compelling reasons why opting for unapproved home hair care might not be the best choice:

1. Harsh Sulfates in Store-Bought Shampoos: They often contain harsh sulfates that strip your hair, leaving it dry and prone to damage.

2. Silicones Equal Slippage: Silicones in non-approved products can create slippage, making it difficult to maintain hairstyles, especially crucial for those with extensions.

3. Environmental Damage Risk: Unapproved options lack protection against environmental influences, leaving your hair vulnerable to pollutants and UV rays. Likewise, the Long Hair Protective Softening Shampoo, with gentle Micelles technology, protects against environmental influences and imparts a natural shine. Additionally, the Long Hair Protective Volumizing Shampoo offers volume and protection against external factors.

4. The Potential for Scalp Imbalance: Without carefully formulated ingredients, unapproved products may disrupt scalp balance, causing issues like excess oiliness or dryness. Likewise, the Great Lengths’ Anti-Tap Water is perfect before heat styling, offering moisture and support to reinstate natural, healthy function. 

5. Missed Technological Advancements: Approved brands invest in research and technology, ensuring their formulations incorporate the latest advancements for effective hair care.

6. Gentle Micelles Technology Absent: Micelles technology, found in approved products, ensures gentle yet effective cleansing, often missing in unapproved home hair care. Moreover, La Biosthetique Long Hair Range  Protective Conditioning Fluid: A leave-in wonder balancing structural differences, moisturizing, and shielding against breakage and pollutants. Weightless Conditioning Oil: Supplies long hair with moisture and care, leaving it soft, shiny, and fortified against split ends. Detangler: A two-phase spray conditioner providing weightless moisture, ensuring smooth and manageable long hair free from knots and tangles. Growth Booster: Ideal scalp care promoting faster and healthier hair growth by up to 67%.

7. Neglecting Essential Conditioning: Unapproved options skip essential conditioning, compromising softness, shine, and overall hair health. Likewise, you can use Great Lengths’ Anti-Tap Water which is a concentrate that can be diluted, ensuring lasting use, making it an ideal treatment for post-extensions.

8. Ineffective Repair Solutions: Unapproved products may fall short in providing effective repair solutions for damaged hair.

9. Potential Incompatibility with Extensions: Unapproved options can harm extensions, lacking the needed qualities for their well-being.

10. Uncertain Results and Inconsistency: Without expert formulation, unapproved products can deliver unpredictable and inconsistent results for your hair care routine.

Moreover, transitioning to approved hair care, La Biosthetique is a wise choice, known for its luxurious and professional range. And La Biosthetique is designed to cleanse, hydrate, repair, and enhance compatibility, suits all hair types, including Great Lengths Hair Extensions.

Furthermore, Here is a testament to the effectiveness of La Biosthetique’s Long Hair range. Beauty influencer @gwaddington showcases her TV glam preparation using these products and Great Lengths hair extensions. Her endorsement emphasises the reliability and transformative results achieved with approved hair care.

Therefore, the 10 reasons outlined underscore the importance of choosing approved hair care for a truly enriching hair care experience. La Biosthetique’s professional range elevates your hair care, addressing concerns and ensuring your locks receive the care they deserve. So, make the switch today and witness the radiance and vitality that come with expert-approved hair care.