Tape Extensions: What Sets Great Lengths Apart

Tape extensions have become a popular choice among beauty enthusiasts, especially those who love volume and length to their hair. Many opt for it over keratin bond extensions due to their ease of application, faster installation time, and the ability to reuse the hair. They’re also less damaging to natural hair and easier to remove compared to keratin bonds, which require heat and can potentially cause more breakage.

However, not all are created equal. Let’s delve into the many reasons why Great Lengths tape extensions are a cut above the rest.

The Common Problem with Tape Extensions

Tape hair extensions are favoured for their ability to add length and volume quickly and easily. However, they come with a set of common issues that can frustrate even the most diligent users:

1. Tangling and Matting

Many tend to tangle and matte, especially without meticulous maintenance.

2. Hair Damage

The adhesive used in some can be harsh, leading to breakage and damage to natural hair.

3. Sticky Residue

Removal often leaves behind sticky residue, making the process cumbersome and potentially damaging.

4. Unnatural Appearance

Lower-quality extensions may have blunt ends or uneven thickness, resulting in an unnatural look that’s difficult to blend with natural hair.

What Makes Great Lengths Tape Extensions Different?

Great Lengths has addressed these common problems with a series of innovative solutions that set their tape extensions apart:

1. Organic Hydrolyzed Bond

Unlike traditional adhesive, Great Lengths uses an organic hydrolyzed bond that is gentle on your natural hair. This reduces the risk of breakage and damage, promoting healthier hair growth.

2. Bleach-Free Bonds

Let’s be honest: bleach can be harsh on hair, causing more damage than it’s worth. To maintain the quality of our stunning blonde extensions, Great Lengths employs an osmosis bath, submerging the hair for 28 days to safely strip away the colours without compromising hair health.

3. Easy Removal

Great Lengths extensions are designed for easy removal, leaving no sticky residue behind. This simplifies the removal process and maintains the health of your natural hair.

4. Remy and Double Drawn Hair

The hair used in Great Lengths extensions is 100% Remy and double drawn. This means the cuticles are aligned in one direction, reducing tangling and matting, and the hair is thick from root to tip for a fuller, more natural look.

5. A Mission for Ethical Sourcing

One of the standout features of Great Lengths tape extensions is their commitment to ethical sourcing. The hair used in these extensions is donated willingly by devotees in Indian temples as part of a religious ritual. The funds generated from these donations go back into the community, supporting various charitable activities. This not only ensures the highest quality hair but also promotes a cycle of goodwill and ethical responsibility.

Am I Meant for Tape Extensions?

WAIT! If you’re considering tape extensions but are unsure if they’re right for you, here are a few factors to consider:

1. Lifestyle

They’re ideal for those who lead an active lifestyle but can commit to regular maintenance and are less likely to cause damage during physical activities compared to other types of extensions.

2. Hair Type

They work well with a variety of hair types, including fine, medium, and thick hair. However, those with extremely thin or severely damaged hair should consult with a professional to ensure that tape extensions are a suitable option.

3. Maintenance Routine

Proper care is crucial for the longevity of tape extensions. If you can commit to using sulfate-free shampoos, gentle brushing, and avoiding excessive heat, tape extensions can be a fantastic choice.

Why Great Lengths Tape Extensions Are Worth the Investment

Investing in Great Lengths tape extensions offers long-lasting benefits, from durability and reusability to seamless blending with your natural hair. With a focus on maintaining hair health through organic bonding techniques, Great Lengths ensures your locks remain vibrant and strong. If you’re unsure about your hair’s suitability for tape extensions, contact your nearest Great Lengths stylist for a free consultation and embark on the journey to stunning, confident locks.

Great Lengths Tape Extensions