Blonde Bob

The perfect Lob

Getting the perfect short, blunt hairstyle is not always easy if you have fine hair around the sides of your head at your temples or just have thin hair all over. However, there is a solution for getting that perfect on-trend look. Adding a few Great Lengths keratin bonds to a short bob or lob can absolutely transform a weak line into a crisp clean cut.

Much more versatile and discreet than other forms of hair extensions, these bonds can be ultra-fine and strategically placed to fill-in fine spots either around the temples of your head or throughout the entire cut.

With just as few as 20 hair extensions the transformation can be dramatic.

Bob haircut
hair extensions for a bob hairstyle

Want a bit of colour?

In addition to creating instant fullness through a few hair extensions, it is also simple to simultaneously add a pop of colour. By choosing hair extensions that are one or two shades later than your natural based tone, and by placing them in a scattered fashion, the illusion of highlighted hair is instant as well as damage free.

How long will the lob last?

Great Lengths hair extensions have the longest lifespan of any applied keratin bonds system. Your Great Lengths hair extensions will last anywhere from three months to 5 months or even longer. What does this mean for you? That blunt cut or grow out naturally with your own hair until you need your next cut.

Styling your blunt cut with Great Lengths hair extensions

Great Lengths hair extensions are 100% silicone free. Our hair is 100% human hair sourced only from Indian temples. Because of this premium quality you can style your Great Lengths hair extensions just as you would your normal hair. In fact, the added benefit of using Indian hair is that it contains a natural wave. This natural wave holds style all day long whether you are using hot tools or styling products.

Shorter, Fuller, Better

To put it bluntly (* you see what we did there?) shorter looks are made stronger and fuller in just minutes with Great Lengths. With just a few bonds in the shortest length of 30cm a whole new you is created in minutes.