facts about hair extensions

Fact vs. Fiction

As a conscious consumer you might often find your head spinning when trying to make sense of all the labels slapped on each product you buy. Hair extensions are no exception. Here is a short recap of what means what.

What is remy hair?

Remy hair, a phrase coined by Great Lengths, means all hair is pointing root to end in the same direction. If hair is not remy, it will quickly tangle and matt. Great Lengths hair is remy. Read more about remy hair in this article.

What is double-drawn hair?

Double drawn is the process of removing all the shorter pieces of hair from a bundle so that the volume and thickness is the same at the bond as at the ends of the hair. Great Lengths hair is double drawn.

What is virgin hair?

Virgin hair is hair that has never undergone chemical treatment such as bleaching or straightening. Great Lengths hair is virgin and repigmented with textile dyes. Learn more about virgin hair here.

What does AAA, AAA+ (etc) mean?

It means absolutely nothing. There is no formally recognised grading process as hair extensions are highly unregulated in Australia and New Zealand.

What is russian hair?

The origins of Russian hair are very difficult to verify. As Russia borders China and Mongolia, much of the hair claimed to be “Russian” may be from the border regions. Great Lengths is not Russian, but instead is completely traceable hair back to willing donors in India. Get the truth about russian hair here.

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