remy hair extensions

What are Remy Hair Extensions

Remy hair simply means ‘root to end’ alignment of the hair.  If you were to look under a microscope at a hair shaft, you would see that your hair’s outer layer, called the cuticle, lays in scales along the hair all neatly pointing downward.  If you imagine hairs rubbing together, facing opposite directions you can guess what kind of terrible snarls and tangles you will get. Remy hair is an extraordinarily important component to maintain the absolute best hair extensions. If you have hair extensions that are not remy you will undoubtedly end up with tangles and matting. Matting can result in having to cut them out of your hair.

Remy vs. non- Remy Hair Extensions

Sadly, because there is very little regulation in the Australia and New Zealand for monitoring claims on hair extensions, just about anyone can claim that their hair extensions are remy even when they are not. Inferior, cheaper hair extensions are made of “brushed hair” or “swept hair”. Brushed and swept hair is hair that is collected off the floor. The hair cannot be realigned root to end and instead, in order to mask the tangling and matting, the hair is coated with silicones. While silicones will give the hair combability and shine temporarily, they will eventually wear off and the tangling and matting will begin.

Great Lengths Process to Remy Hair Extensions

Great Lengths hair extensions undergo an extremely strict process of collection from only three certified temples. As the hair is tonsured (shaved) from the donors head, it is collected into bundles, all secured with bands. These banded bundles are then shipped to Italy where they are all sewn onto fabric wefts and thoroughly washed and cleaned and coloured. The weft is removed, and the keratin bonds are imprinted on the hair. At each step, painstaking measures are taken to ensure the hair is always remy.


If you are interested in having a consultation on Great Lengths hair extensions, please visit our salon locator here. We supply the best hair extensions to Australia and New Zealand. From Sydney to Perth, Adelaide to the Gold Coast, Melbourne to Brisbane we have the highest quality extensions at the very best salons.

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