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Great Lengths Tape Extensions for Fine Hair

No one understands the issues of fine hair better than our Great Length stylists who see clients with thin hair daily.  Fine hair can be delicate and prone to breakage and requires special care when it comes to hair extensions. For women with ultra fine hair Great Lengths tape extensions can be the answer as the weight of the extension is distributed evenly throughout the hair. If single strand is more your thing, Great Lengths also have mini strands which are designed for fine hair. Here’s a few more details that you might not know about our application for fine haired beauties:

Ultra Fine Tapes

Our Great Lengths tape extensions are the lightest on the market, made of an ultra slim, small sandwich that is indetectable.  The sandwich itself is made of a fabric material much like that of a band-aid so that it flexes and does not become brittle and crack.

GL Tape Plus

In addition to our regular Great Lengths tapes we have GL Tapes Plus. This special line has been made to help women who suffer from thinning hair on the crown of their heads.  The Plus tape has hairs which are hand-sewn into the top adhesive, so that the sandwich is even more disguised.  If you are suffering from extremely thin hair, do reach out and ask your Great Lengths extensionist about GL Tapes Plus

GL Tape Safety Band

For women with fine, damaged hair, the weight of a standard ‘sandwich tape” may be too much as both sides of the sandwich contain hair.  These delicate fine haired women may need to have one side of the sandwich contain no hair at all so that the weight distribution puts less stress on their own hair. In these cases, your stylist will use the GL Safety Band.  By adhering the GL Safety Band to the bottom side of a regular tape, with your hair secured between, you can be sure that your fine hair will not be damaged with hair extensions.

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