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The Truth about Russian Hair Extensions

“100% Russian Hair” are advertised around the globe as being the highest quality, but where do they really come from?  The fact is, there is very little regulation around hair extensions in Australia and these base-less claims confuse and mislead consumers.  In short, if you are being sold Russian hair extensions, they may not be what you’re thinking of.

Russian Hair Types

If you think of Russian hair, you may be thinking of beautiful, luscious, long naturally blonde/light hair. You most likely have made the assumption that the Russian hair you are ordering is from a Caucasian supplier. The fact is, there are as many as 500,000 ethnic Chinese in Russia, perhaps due to the fact that Russia has a long border with China. There is no testing, nor is it easy to really know where your hair extensions actually come from. The term “Russian Hair” truly means nothing unless it could be verifiably sourced. Without a transparent and clear sales chain, claiming to have Russian Hair is baseless and can be claimed about any hair extensions, regardless of its origin or quality.

Pricing as an Indicator with Russian Hair Extensions

Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to detect if hair extensions are indeed from Russian hair. During the treatment process, manufacturers may chemically treat the hair, colour it, or cover it in silicones so that it seems to have the look of “Russian hair extensions”. One likely indicator of quality, like many things, is price. The lower the cost of hair extensions, it could be argued, the more dubious the source or quality. The reasoning is, Russian hair would be in high demand and therefore garner a higher price. In 2018, the global hair extension market was valued at 1350 million USD, with the expectation to grow over 7 percent by 2025. The higher the demand the higher the price, so if you are being offered ‘Russian Hair extensions” at a low price this is something to consider. If they are Russian hair extensions at a low price, what does that indicate for the person selling their hair? In all likelihood, it could indicate exploitation like in instance of the discovery of Russian Children being underpaid for their hair.

Ethical and Sustainable

Great Lengths has a completely transparent chain from the donor all the way to the door of your salon. Thanks to our longstanding relationships with three temples in India, we know exactly where our hair comes from and are assured that it’s been given willingly. This means not only can you rest easy to know that your hair extensions are procured through fair and sustainable means, but that there’s a consistence in quality derived from dependable, established connections and partners. Click here to read more about the sourcing of Great Lengths Hair extensions.

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