Extensions for hair loss

Great Lengths For Hair Loss

Hair loss is truly devastating and we get a lot of inquiries about whether women can have Great Lengths to cover the effects of hair loss and help them. Of course, we would love to help anyone suffering from the effects of hair loss with our hair extensions, but our true aim is to look after our clients and not compromise their own hair. Afterall, what good are hair extensions if they are going to damage your own hair?

Below are some pointers to help guide you if you are suffering from hair loss as to whether we can help. In truth, many of these will end in “ You need to go see a stylist to be sure”, however, we hope you will understand a bit more if we can help you.

Childbirth Hair Loss

It’s not your imagination – its hormones! And while post-bubs hair loss is an issue that is annoying, it is temporary. Great Lengths is 100% safe for new mums who just need a little help in the volume department after bubs arrives.

Stress, Hormones

Great Lengths is absolutely suitable for women undergoing hair loss caused by stress or changes to hormones. If you are suffering from hair loss because of these reasons there are many ways Great Lengths hair extensions can safely and discreetly conceal thinning hair caused by stress and hormones.


Great Lengths cannot help women initially through their chemotherapy process. After the shedding process caused by chemotherapy many find that their hair is extremely fragile and thus it is not a good idea to attach the weight of any extensions to your hair while you recover for the first few months. However, after six months, or when your hair reaches 10cm, we advise that you book in for a consultation to determine if Great Lengths are right for you.

If you are interested in having a consultation on Great Lengths hair extensions, please visit our salon locator here. We supply the best hair extensions to Australia and New Zealand. From Sydney to Perth, Adelaide to the Gold Coast, Melbourne to Brisbane we have the highest quality extensions at the very best salons.

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