Caroline Groth x Great Lengths

First off Caroline thank you for contributing to our blog. I know you have a very supportive audience who has followed your story but for those of our followers who don’t know a little background on you could you please explain a little about your personal journey and where it’s lead you in your brand for health and wellness?

I’m of Danish origin but moved to Australia as a 20-year old girl with only 25kg of luggage and a one-way ticket. 11 years later, I’m now a permanent resident (about to gain citizenship) and have had a complete life-overhaul in those years.

I’ve been through a lot of trauma in my life, both emotionally, spiritually and physically including cancer, an eating disorder, being diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases and more. I believe part of my purpose on this earth is to find acceptance in what is my physical body, surrender to what I’ve been handed and ultimately help others find peace within themselves on a deeper level than what meets the eye.

Caroline sitting

We caught up with Caroline and asked her why she chooses Great Lengths.

I believe that health is a completely holistic approach that needs to be integrated on so many layers. Many of those layers, as a human being, we dismiss as not being an essential part of healing, yet when we’ve exhausted our physical attempts of healing the body, it’s when we need to dive deeper and look into emotional, mental and spiritual trauma and the impact it has on our bodies.

My journey has come to a place in where I help others dive into this part of themselves and ultimately find long-lasting healing and the love for continuous growth within.

Caroline doing what she loves. Yoga by the ocean in a spot full of sunshine.

With all your history and personal discoveries about the world of health and beauty, can you tell us a little about your hair and why you’ve chosen to get hair extensions? What’s your hair story?

The texture of my hair has changed an incredible amount purely due to my past and current diagnoses, and so growing my hair has been a battle for a very long time. I really wanted to add both some volume but also length to my current hair, but in a way that isn’t harmful to my own hair or that will prohibit my natural hair growth, which is why I was recommended Great Lengths by my hairdresser Maddy at Edwards and Co.

For your brand, which is a really natural feel, what was important to you in hair extensions? What was the make or breakers in using a beauty product like Great Lengths in terms of how they fit into your brand?

I’m a very natural girl. I don’t wear much make-up and I exercise every single day, so I needed and wanted a ‘look’ that fit into my lifestyle and not the other way around. I didn’t want to look or be someone I’m not, because I spent years chasing that dream and it left me with nothing but a lack of self love. I finally feel like I’ve come to a place in my life in where I make decisions, and those that are of aesthetic value, that are purely based on what I want and not on those of others. I also really wanted to make sure that the hair is handled with a loving energy and in a sustainable way.

Caroline groth with GReat Lengths hair extensions

Caroline showing her new look with the Great Length Hair Extensions done by Julien at Edwards and Co. Kippax Street in Sydney.

You’re also really active on the fitness side. How do your hair extensions fit into a day full of yoga and the gym? What’s your routine?

This is what I love about Great Lengths. Because the keratin-bonds are placed individually and to suit your life-style and how you wear your hair, Julien made sure that I can put my hair up in a high ponytail without the bonds showing. It’s super easy.

If someone were to ask your advise on hair extensions, what would you say?

I’d say it’s so important that the technique and stylist is qualified to do them. The keratin bonds are so gentle on your own hair and natural and that’s what I love about Great Lengths. You’ve also got to work with a good foundation – Your hair can’t be too fragile or thin, so making sure you get your hair assessed first and how many bonds it can carry is vital. Also, make sure the stylist cuts it to suit your lifestyle/own hair. You want it to look natural.

Finally, as a shout out to your stylist, who looked out for this beautiful head of hair and where can we find him/her/them?

Julien works at Edwards and Co. Kippax Street in Sydney and I COULD NOT recommend him highly enough,. He is so talented, has an exceptional eye to detail and just a heart of gold. Not only do you get amazingly, great hair, but you also walk out of there feeling really good about yourself. He’s honestly a one of a kind-human being aiming for the stars. Watch this space, he’ll be soaring!

If you want to know more about Caroline Groth you can find her at….

Instagram: @carolinehgroth