Why Choose Great Lengths?

Two benefits that places Great Lengths above its competitors are the quality of our hair and the technology behind it.

Since 1993 we have been providing hair extensions to our salon partners. Our hair is Remy, virgin quality hair, and double drawn. We are the only hair extension company globally that tracks and traces all of our hair back to the source at Indian temples. From the collection of hair all the way through the process of pigmentation it is kept in absolute pristine quality. In an unregulated marketplace, where claims can be made without proof, we remain extremely transparent about our processes.

indian Temple

Great Lengths Hair Extensions are source ethnically at Indian temples by donors who willingly donate their hair to the temples

The technology behind our keratin bond creations is ever evolving. Each batch is tested under an electron microscope to ensure that the hair has never been bleached or chemically treated. In the laboratories, we look to make sure that the cuticle is fully intact, putting strand selections through what is known as a tensile test. In the tensile test the elasticity of the hair is tested to prove that it has never been made brittle by bleach and it is the best quality.

Further on in the process, the keratin bond is attached to the hair. The special formulation of this organic component is designed to never pinch or slip in your own hair, it is one of the main points of difference, as Great Lengths is truly damage free.

colour mixing the hair extensions in the Rome factory

Great Lengths laboratories thoroughly inspect and treat each hair to give clients the best chemical free, quality hair

What are the benefits of Great Lengths to a salon?

Offering Great Lengths in your salon is more than offering just another service. It is providing clients with the best quality hair that is available worldwide, and not only enhances their appearance, but also can change their confidence.

By offering a prestigious brand in your salon it lifts your brand image in turn. Our name is known to consumers and it’s very likely clients will request our brand in your salon. Our salon locator is a busy page on our website pushing clients your way.

How do I become a Great Lengths stylist?

Hairdressers who have been certified and have an ABN and who also work in a location that is representative of a quality salon or business are eligible. If you are interested in becoming a Great Lengths stylist, the process is very easy. You simply have to fill out an account form and attend our two day certification . At the certification you will be taught everything you need to know about Great Lengths hair extensions. Upon completion of the course you’ll be ready to get started. There’s no need to hold stock with Great Lengths and once A certified stylist, you will receive your orders overnight.

Great Lengths Education Team 2020, a wonderful group of talent stylist and salon owners who have worked with Great Lengths for many years

How do you market to your salon clients?

Great Lengths has an extremely active profile on Instagram. As many beautiful women around the world need beautiful hair, it is common that we have relationships with influences, celebrities, and other known faces. This brand awareness is great for you to use in your social media and share it with your fans.

Social media is a very powerful tool for some of your audience and it will be important for you to share in your stories and posts that you have the Great Lengths service in your salon. By showing before and after photos as well as videos showing the bonds in the application process, you will begin to educate your followers about Great Lengths.

A more traditional form of marketing in your salon is to show this watch rings to your clients, and always make sure that one of your stylist has Great Lengths in their hair. Being able to comfortably talk about Great Lengths with your clients is the most important marketing that can happen. Many women will not have considered that they could have more volume, and our miss lead to think that hair extensions are simply for length.

Before and after shots of the brilliant work at some of the Great Lengths salons: Laura Dellolio @lauradellolio_hairextensions, Naomi Pinazzi @naomipanizza_thestudio and Makayla @elitehairextensionsgoldcoast

How can I offer a unique service as an extension specialist?

With Great Lengths, every service as unique and tailored to the person. Whether they want highlights, balayage, volume, or just a little filler around the sides of their hair, anything is possible. Making the Great Lengths service unique is about an in-depth consultation to first understand what your client wants. From there you can customise their hair by adding highlights low lights or a pop of bright colour.

Advantages of having Great Lengths in your salon

Great Lengths comes with a bevvy of support to ensure that your business is strong. Our Australian based customer service is available Monday through Friday, and orders are dispatched same day or overnight. There’s a marketing team behind the scenes ready to help you should you need posters marketing collateral, or just some tips on social media. We offer promotions competitions and deals throughout the year to keep things exciting. Finally, we are a family business, and always have been about relationships. We know our customers by first name by name work hard to see that our partners flourish.

If you are interested in becoming a Great Lengths stockist, find out more here.