Great Lengths Root Shadow Extensions

Great Lengths has an exciting new solution for women who seek depth and dimension to the hair, or would like extensions that grow out with their roots perfectly blended. These ten new beautiful shades from Great Lengths cover all of our most popular colours, from the deepest chestnut brunette, to the brightest blonde.

The Root Shadow Collection

Here’s a peek at the new colours available to you at your Great Lengths salon:

  • Discover Walnut Whip on Soft Almond, another of our new creations in the Rooted collection!

    rooted swatch
  • Our new rooted color Royal Oak on Honey Bronde (03 on 85)

    rooted swatch
  • Discover our new color Jamaica Rum on Golden Blend! An explosion of gold and warmth melted in a unique shade.

    rooted swatch
  • We are proud to present you Espresso on Ice Queen, a particular coffee shade that blends into the coldest blond.

    rooted swatch
  • Espresso on Heavenly Hazel, 5 cm of dark brown fading into a warm, lighter colour.

    rooted swatch
  • We present you a new Rooted color Cocoa Rich on Hello Honey (02 on 08)

    rooted swatch
  • Cocoa Rich on Champagne Twist (02 on 10)

    rooted swatch

How Root Shadows Complete Your Look

Using root shadows to the fullest potential is all about location, location, location! Available in both tapes and Great Lengths keratin bonds, the golden rule of root shadow shades is to use them in placement closest to the part line or where you might see your roots, like at the temples of your hair. This seamless blends create depth and dimension, and can help you grow your Great Lengths and your colour simultaneously for a longer lifespan between visits to the salon. Houghton, your Great Lengths stylist will recommend using root shadow sparingly in these locations and use natural strands of Great Lengths throughout the back of your head.

A New Swatch Book

Along with these 10 beautiful shades, Great Lengths is releasing a new swatch book showcasing all ten trend swatches. When you going for a consultation for your Great Lengths hair, your stylist will use this book to show you the tonality is available. If you find that your hair colour does not perfectly match these rooted shades, you may opt to have your colour done at least 48 hours before your Great Lengths application.

Piano and Two–Toned Colours

Along with Great Lengths rooted tones, now available are two other trend options for the most beautiful, natural looking hair extensions.

Piano Strands

Great Lengths piano strands our keratin bonds with two tones blended together side-by-side. This makes the application easier, and creates the most dynamic, dimensional, a natural looking colour in some of our most popular combinations. To request Piano strands, your Great Lengths stylist must order them directly from us custom-made, perfectly tailored for you.

Two-Toned Tapes

To town Great Lengths tapes are tapes which have one colour on the top side and another colour on the bottom side. This creates amazing dimension and beautiful shimmering effect when the hair is styled up or down. To request Two-Toned, your Great Lengths stylist must order them directly from us custom-made, perfectly tailored for you.

About Our Colours

Great Lengths de-pigmentation and re-pigmentation process is what sets us apart from all other hair extensions when it comes to colour. Whether you are interested in hair extensions in a rooted tones, our piano tones, or two tone tapes, all of the hair is treated the same, with love and care and gentle colouration.

All of our hair is sourced directly from Indian temples, and comes from Indian donors who normally have very dark pigment to the hair. To lift the dark pigment from our hair, no bleach is ever used, and instead we use a patented osmosis bath which is gently loosens the colour molecule from the hair. To re-pigment the hair we use colour safe textile dyes that add brilliance and long-lasting vibrance, never fading and giving ultimate shine. This hallmark benefits of our colour process is how we are able to provide over 100 different tones and colours to our wonderful and clients. To find out more about your perfect colours, check out our many colours….