Great Lengths Becomes the World’s First ‘Benefit Corporation’ Hair Extension Brand

This year Great Lengths has joined the community of “Benefit Corporations’ around the world.  This esteemed certification gives Great Lengths the ambitious ‘green tick’ that verifies our company as one of the for-profit organisations that meets ethical and sustainable standards of the highest degree. The ISO 14001 and B Corporation Certifications are a powerful way for organisations to evidence their commitment to balancing purpose and profit. From employee health and safety, to transparent governance, to a reduced carbon footprint, Great Lengths is now the world’s first hair extension brand to be certified as a B Corp.

What is the B Corporation Certification?

B Corp  focuses on an organisation’s social and environmental performance and provides certification through the B-Lab movement.  To become B Corp certified there were a number of steps Great Lengths had to take. The first was a self assessment, focusing on our organisation and it required us to answer a number  of questions. Upon submission, B Labs  required a number of documentation to thoroughly examined answers and confirm that we could move onto the next stage.  Great Lengths achieved a score of 103, with the minimum score to advance being 80.  Following a number of auditing processes, we received our B Corp status from 2022 – 2025.

Why does Great Lengths want to be a Benefit Corporation?

Great Lengths wanted to become a ‘Benefit Corporation’ to showcase that we are leaders in the global movement towards an inclusive, equitable and circular economy. Becoming a benefit corporation is important to us in that we can share with our conscious consumers that we care about our social and environmental impact.

What Metrics Were Looked at In Becoming A Benefit Corporation?

Great Lengths needed to demonstrate a high social and environmental performance by achieving the impact assessments score.  As B Corp is a holistic organisation focused not just a single or environmental issue, Great Lengths provided proof through documentation showing our company’s business model, how we operate, internal  structure, work processes, and review of potential consumer complaints.  Our documentation submitted to B Corp showcased our proven track record in a low carbon footprint, safe and inclusive workplace for our employees, fair wages, and a transparent approach to how we run our business.

What are the Benefits of Being a Benefit Corporation?

As Great Lengths that is always been a company value that we are transparent and fair.  We fully disclose where we get our hair extensions from and the process and care we take in transforming it into the world’s best hair extensions. Becoming a Benefit Corporation was a natural step for us to take because of these company values. As an extension of our products promise, we see our alignment with the B Corp helping us spread the word to create trust with our consumers, hair stylists, and communities.

For over 30 years Great Lengths Australia and Great Lengths and Int’l have worked hard to create the world’s best hair extensions backed with the promise of operating ethically and responsibly.  Through our B Corp certification we are delighted to share another first in our industry as we continue to work tirelessly and responsible toward building our brand as a trusted, reliable name in the beauty world.