Can You Have Hair Extensions If You Suffer From Scalp Problems?

If you suffer from a scalp issues such as psoriasis or dandruff yet you still are interested in hair extensions in this blog is for you!  You may be surprised, but we get many questions through our direct messages on Instagram about scalp problems with hair extensions. Indeed, it’s more common than one would think!  Below we’ll tackle some very common scalp problems how they bode with Great Lengths Hair Extensions.

Dandruff And Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be applied to dandruff sufferers, though with extra care.  While some dandruff cases are mild, some cases are severe, but all dandruff cases, the scalp should be cleared of any flakes prior to getting your extensions put in. We recommend an in-salon treatment or at home treatment that exfoliates the scalp and rids your hair of flakes.  Once you have your extensions in, there’s a few steps you can take to keep dandruff at bay, while enjoying your Great Lengths

  1. Avoid all tar and heavy sulphate shampoos. These can break down the bond and also alter your hair colour because of the harsh chemicals.
  2. Choose a medicated approach like La Biosthetique Anti-Pelliculaire scalp care pack.  The shampoo will gently clean without harming the bonds and the after-shower tonic will keep new dandruff from cropping up (just avoid touching the bonds with the tonic).
  3.  Use your Great Lengths soft bristle brush at least 2-3 times a day and make sure to brush against your scalp to dislodge any build up.
brush for hair extensions

Psoriasis And Hair Extensions

Psoriasis, like dandruff, varies in severity and for those who suffer from mild psoriasis, the solution for dandruff above should help alleviate the issue. In the case of severe psoriasis, including open sores or heavy scaling, unfortunately hair extensions will not be suitable. Though Great Lengths bonds are small and brushing can get to the scalp, the hair follicles may be weakened and causing more pressure through extensions.  If you are unsure as to whether your scalp can sustain extensions, it’s always best to get a consultation from your Great Lengths stylist.  From there they may give you a wellness plan, including ideal products, and help your scalp find balance so that you’ll be able to enjoy extensions in the future.

Traction Alopecia and Hair Extensions

Traction alopecia cause by repeated pulling on your hair and causing bald spots.  It can manifest in redness or pimple-like inflammation on the scalp and it can occur from wearing you hair up too tightly. Hair extensions are not suitable for this ailment as it often leads to more stress on the hair. Try wearing your hair down and letting it recover. In time, your hair quality will improve and you can revisit hair extensions.

How To Keep Your Hair Healthy With Hair Extensions

Whether you have a scalp condition or a balanced healthy scalp, looking after your Great Lengths extensions is just as important at looking after the health of your own scalp. Afterall, growing your own hair healthy and thick is the point isn’t it?

By regularly brushing and exfoliating the scalp with the bristles, as well as using the right homecare that is not harsh on your bonds, your hair and scalp can be maintained in most cases.  If you seek further help, consult your Great Lengths hairdresser in a complimentary consultation.