Curls on Girls: Can You Get Curly Hair Extensions?

Curls are all the trend in 2022 and we are seeing a huge increase in women seeking curly hair extensions, but can you even get them here on Australian and New Zealand shores?  Spoiler alert here: The answer is yes you can get curly hair extensions! However, read on to find out what’s best for curly hair extensions, how to blend hair extensions naturally with your curls, and how the whole process is done to give you the most bouncy, elastic, defined curls of your dreams!

Why don’t extensions come with curls?

The reason it’s difficult to find hair extensions with curls in them is that the natural hair that is used is not suitable for maintaining balance and control. 80% of the worlds hair extensions come from China, and the make-up of Asian hair is that it sits very straight.  Additionally, the time it would take to perm hair extensions for a small audience is not suitable for mass market hair extensions.

This image illustrates the natural wave that Great Lengths hair has on Model @_sweetlikecinnamon.  These beautiful trusses done by the amazing Gold Coast Salon @elitehairextensionsgoldcoast

Notice that through the process of applying curly hair extensions, this woman’s girls are more defined and have more lift

But you do have an answer with Great Lengths! Our hair extensions come exclusively from India. Indian hair has a natural wave to it and can be styled or set or permed with curls that do not fall.  Furthermore, each of our hair extension clients has a specific needs, and our product is a perfectly tailored solution to the individual. In a normal salon consultation, you will talk to your stylist about your curly hair and they will let you know if they’re able to match it. Your head shape as well as the colours you need, in the length of hair will all be determined and put together in a perfectly tailored package for you.

What Salons Offer Curly Hair Extensions?

We have certified Great Lengths hair extension technicians across the country, from Perth to Sydney, Brisbane to Melbourne as well as New Zealand. Not all of them are prepared to perm our hair to suit your curls, so it’s important that you use our salon locator in order to call and confirm they can prepare the hair for you.

How Do You Take Care of curly hair extensions?

Just like your own curls, your hair extensions will need the exact same care. This may mean a little extra TLC when it comes to maintenance. You will be brushing your curls out less and tying it up at night to prevent tangles and keep your curls defined.  You will also want to use a very moisturising shampoo and conditioner.  Another good trick to keeping your curls in check is by using a silk pillowcase.

These images illustrate the application of Great Lengths curly extensions. Done by Naomi Panizza at her specialised Great Lengths Hair Extension Salon in Perth, WA

How Will My Salon Prepare My Curly Hair Extensions?

When you book in for your complimentary consultation with your Great Lengths Salon your stylist will assess your hair. She/he/they will note the colour, the thickness of your hair, as well as how tight or loose your curls are. It may be that you simply have very wavy hair which will match perfectly to Great Lengths. If, however, your hair has ringlet for tighter curls it will be necessary to perm the Great Lengths hair extensions before you have them applied.

Once you have finished the consultation and your Great Lengths technician has explained the process and you are ready to go, you will return another day for your application. It is during this time that your Great Lengths technician will prepare your hair. Once your hair is applied it is necessary to not wash your hair for 48 hours to let the bonds settle into your own hair, as well as letting the girls settle to sit naturally with your own hair.

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