Five Ways to Extend The Life of Your Hair Extensions

Great Lengths hair extensions can last anywhere from four to six months with proper care, or even longer in some cases. The secret to longevity of your hair extensions is all in the maintenance at home. Whether short or long, 80 strands or 160 strands the care for Great Lengths is much the same requiring much less than other hair extensions, but still a little loving tenderness can go along way!  Here’s ten ways to get the most out of your bonds.

But first, some inspo pictures on just how beautifully your bonds can grow out with a little TLC.  Here’s Naomi Panizza’s clients with some of her clients getting a whopping seven months out of their Great Lengths.

“Every 6-8 weeks we ask that our clients get in contact with us for a free maintenance to check up on how their extensions are going and make sure they are educated in looking after their hair. Some common misunderstandings that we find in these check ups is how to style the extensions using heating tools, while also ensuring they are not hitting the keratin bonds. We provide complementary sectioning clips to each new client to help guide where to curl or straighten from, this helps prevent melting the bonds. Often we find that clients are unaware of hitting the bonds as the extension does not start shedding for a few days or often weeks after. This is the case depending on how bad the bonds have been melted – once the bonds seal is broken this is when shedding occurs.”

Naomi Panizza, Perth WA

Make Your Extensions The Longest Lasting Hair Extensions

5. Regular Check Ups

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “ I just got my hair extensions do I really have to come in every few weeks?”  While this might seem like a hassle, going in for a regular check-up will allow your stylist to see if any bonds have slipped as this may cause tangling and matting. As well they will check to make sure you haven’t warped the bonds with heat tools and they can make sure that you brushing technique is working well.

4. The Proper Home Care

If you want your Great Lengths hair extensions to last months on end, it’s absolutely imperative to have special care. Not all shampoos are appropriate for Great Lengths as strong sulphates can breakdown the bond prematurely. Likewise, conditioners that are extremely cosmetic, or filled with cheap gums may coat the hair and cause the bonds to slip.

We recommend the La Biosthetique Long Hair Range for it’s gentle micelle cleansing as well as it’s deep conditioning (sans yucky silicones).

Both the Protective Volumising Shampoo and Protective Softening Shampoo gently cleanse with my cellular water.  These tiny water like substances have the ability to magnetically drawn dirt and see them away from the scalp without damaging your bonds or tapes.

The Protective Repair Mask uses high grade nourishing and strengthening ingredients which will strengthen your own hair while leaving your extensions soft and supple.

hair extensions homecare

3. Beach babe? Rinse Off!

While  there is no need to dry or straighten your hair directly after washing, Great Lengths will last longer if you make sure to rinse off chlorine and salt water. If you are a beach lover or a have an active lifestyle, make sure that you are always rinsing your hair after being outdoors.

2. The Night Time Ritual

Before heading off the slumber take just 30 seconds to look after your extensions. The best way to keep your extensions tangle free is to either tie your hair up in the evening or place it in a loose plait. Silk pillowcases can also keep the friction off your hair through the night. If you really want to amp up the condition of your hair, especially at the end, try narration it with Eleven serum that will leave the ends soft and hydrated. We recommend the La Biosthetique Protective Conditioning Fluid.  Think of it as a night moisturiser!

hair extension brush

1. Brushing

The number one way to maintain the health of your extensions is through brushing.  The more often you brush your hair, and we’re talking two to three times a day, the better condition your bond and hair, not to mention your scalp will be.

Having a proper brush for your Great Lengths thing extensions is paramount as other types of brushes may pull at the bonds and cause  breakage.  How was Great Lengths brush is suitable for hair extensions as well as wigs. The longer filaments gently untangle hair from roots to ends without damaging the bonds.  The flexible longer filaments reach the scalp and loosen any debris to make sure your scalp condition is healthy whilst you have hair extensions.

The two different filaments allow your hair to be the tangled without damaging the connection between your natural hair and the hair extensions. The soft rubber cushion allows for the tension of the brush to be stronger closer against the scalp and more gentle and soft away at the delicate ends of your hair.

To brush your hair gently separate your rows of Great Lengths against the temple of your head. Use the brush in a downward motion and make sure that you start at the scalp brushing the bristles against your scalp and then down through the extensions. Do this row by row ensuring that you have worked from your scalp all the way through the ends row row on your head.