Going grey?

Hop On Board The Trend Of Silver Hair

Oh, yes, it used to be that we wouldn’t go down without a fight in the arena of going grey. Nowadays, Instagram has morphed the look that ages us into the look of the season by creating a new, not old, approach to silver tone greys. If you want to hop on board the great train to Trend-town, read on.

Silver hair

A brief description of the difference between grey and silver hair.

Grey hair occurs when the hair follicle no longer produces pigment inside the hair shaft. Some people will go a beautiful silvery tone naturally, while others might have white hair, or bits of unsightly blondes that appear like streaks. The trick to creating silver tones is to start with as clean or white colour hair as possible. Unless you are a platinum blonde, or what hairdressers are call a perfect level 10, you’ll need to bleach your hair to remove any sort of pigment. If you’re one of the lucky ones who already has a very clean gray, you might be able to add in particular products to give you that silver shimmer.

Silver hair is a thing: see the A-listers who are rocking it

If you think this trend is a passing hair-fling, think again.  Here’s a few celebrities rocking the look :

How to create the perfect shimmering silver tone

If you have any colour pigment in your hair that’s brown or blonde or red, you want to have this removed with a professional salon visit. There you will have the remaining pigment of your hair removed. Your hairdresser will then tone your hair using a very cool toner that will create that shimmering silver affect.

If you already have silver hair but I looking to create a deeper more metallic tone, you can use something like steel grey home grey kit. This will drop deep grey pigments into your hair intensifying with every minute that passes. If you only want to touch of silver you might leave it on for five minutes, if you would like more you leave it on up to 20 minutes. After rinsing out you will see the depth in the colour.

Who can wear silver hair?

Much to many people surprise, a lot of face, tones, and ages can pull off silver hair. As long as you’ve got the courage to wear such an avante guarde tone, it generally goes with any type of wardrobe or look. One thing to note, is that with silver tone it is important to keep colour to your skin so that you do not look washed out. A touch of blush, bronzer, or a bright lipstick will help complete the look.

Vamping up the volume with your silver mane 

When we envision silver hair, we also have a concept of thick beautiful hair. Whether it’s a clean precise bob or is long and style, volume is what separates grey hair from looking old to a silver head of hair that looks full and healthy. Great Lengths has a grey tone that blends seamlessly with metallic grey. By adding some extensions in through your grey hair, the silver will pop and your hair will appear thick and lush.

This is a key element not to forget in creating healthy, volumous hair. Going silver is only part of the way, and you must approach your hair as an entire project of maintaining a healthy image.

Tips for maintaining a silver locks

Maintaining the shimmering tone of your silver hair doesn’t have to be a chore. One option that is easy is to use a purple shampoo and toner on your hair at home. There are dozens of products in the marketplace that will also nourish and condition your hair while dropping a cool pigment on it. Be careful not to use products that will build up and not wash out, or you will find the purple town hard to control.

Another option for silver hair, is a strong mask which you can apply to your hair once a week and again control the intensity by how long you leave it on.

One thing to make sure is that while you are looking after your silver hair, it is important to note that silver hair that is naturally grey can become coarse and wiry and needs lots of nourishment. Artificially created silvers where the hair has been bleached will need a huge amount of hydration and protein rich masks to help the hair maintain its integrity.