The Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Extensions

Finding the best shampoo and conditioner for your hair extensions can be a tricky, difficult task, but it can also pay dividends in the longevity of your hair.  Proper home-care will secure bonds without causing them to slip. It will also ensure that the bonds don’t break down or disintegrate. And of course -lastly – the right care will look after those gorgeous tresses will keep them looking fresh and natural for months on end.

The bad news? Quality products cost more; they have better quality, more expensive ingredients.

The Good news? We tested some products and found that the right care can get you an extra 4-6 weeks out of your hair.  Worth it? We think so.

“Using a quality product is more expensive, yes, but it makes your hair last longer. “

-Pam Stewart, Xtreme Lengths

The Best Shampoo for Extensions

Great Lengths bonds and tapes are made of natural organic material and must be cared for gently in order to maintain the durability. They are prone to breaking down with shampoos that use high amounts of sulphates or surfactants that are harsh. For example, dandruff shampoos often contain high amounts of sulfates can, over time, cause the bond to become flaky and fall apart. While it’s hard to know I just looking on the back of your shampoo bottle we have found some extension to safe shampoos that are the best option for extending the length of your hair extensions.

Micellar Shampoos for Hair Extensions

In place of harsh sulphates, some shampoos will use micellar cleansing to lift and remove dirt particles. Micellars attract sebum and dirt magnetically, without attacking the organic bond. Using these types of cleansers ensure that the bond doesn’t break down and slip, extending your extension life span.


These shampoos smell divine and leave your hair feeling silky soft.

Organic, Gentle Surfactant Shampoos For Hair Extensions

Another option in looking after your bonds with shampoo is to choose a shampoo that uses gentle surfactant. Coconut surfactants are known to have a fabulous cleansing ability whilst not damaging hair extensions.  This option is particularly good for tape extensions, because the formulations are light and airy.


This shampoo is Vegan and feels incredibly light for xx-volume

The Best Conditioner for Hair Extensions

The most common pitfall with choosing the wrong conditioner is that it has such a cosmetic properties it will cause the bond to sleep and your hair extensions will come loose. 

Again, it is difficult to know what you’re looking out on the ingredients list of the bottle but conditioners make sure you are not using something too cosmetic.  Conditioners full of silicones and gums may make your hair feel silky, but they are actually causing build up and this will result in chunky, string look to your hair. In our quest for finding a conditioner that would

  1. Leave our hair feeling amazing and
  2. Not make those bonds come loose

We found a clear winner : Conditionneur Douceur  Light-weight and softening, this conditioner showed, over time, the ability to give the cosmetic feel without any loss of bonds.

More tips from our experts?

“Over washing is the worst for your hair!   Too many clients over wash their clients. When you wet the hair you are breaking sulphur bonds. Your hair is like a  rubber band and the more you wash, the more you break.  I encourage my clients to wash once or a twice a week. The cuticle will be smoother. “

-Pam Stewart, Xtreme Lengths

If you want to read more about haircare we recommend for hair extensions, read on!