Do Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

Answering the question “Do hair extensions damage your hair” is a little bit more complicated than a yes or no.  In a nutshell, damage free hair extensions come down to whether or not the product causes damage on your hair as well as whether or not the application by your hairstylist is done correctly.  With the correct product and the trained professional your hair should remain absolutely healthy as without hair extensions.

How do Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

Methods of hair extensions have different attributes but one thing is for certain, if it puts more pressure on your hair it’s going to cause stress on your natural hair and lead to breakage. It’s important to consider whether or not the extension is lightweight, it’s flexible, and whether or not your hair can lay in its natural fall pattern.

If the method of attachment of your hair extension is bulky and puts weight on only a certain portion of your hair, it will cause a huge amount of stress on your natural hair. Forms of attachment which are not flexible for example metal, or glue, can cause pinching of the hair leading to damage to the cuticle.

Great Lengths keratin bonds are  specifically designed to carry the exact weight your hair is able to manage. By selecting a very small section of your hair and moulding it inside a lightweight bond, your hair is not only protected, but it is able to grow naturally while the extensions are in place.

matching hair weight

We make sure that the weight of the hair extension is always balanced with what your own hair can tolerate

Women with truly fine hair are our most popular client, and we take pride in treating them with the TLC their baby-fine hair needs.

How to Avoid Damaging Hair When Applying Extensions?

Beyond the hair extension system, the person applying your hair extensions must be a trained professional, who understands the delicacy of your own hair and whether it has been compromised before.  People who seek her extensions off and have suffered from damage or hair loss, and it means that their own hair is a very delicate quality requiring gentle care. A professional hairdresser who is trained in hair extensions will know exactly what your hair can withstand and how to apply gentle hair.

Your first appointment with Great Lengths specialist is one in which your hairdresser will be analysing your own hair to make the important call as to whether or not you are a good candidate.  This means that your hair must be a minimum of 10 cm long as well as not be overly damaged from previous extensions, or severe bleaching.  If your hair appears to be too weak it’s best to delay having your Great Lengths hair extensions applied until your hair is nourished back to health.

Our network of caring, professional hairdressers is one that we trust implicitly, knowing that they put your hair health first and foremost.  Here’s @remantion and his client @erinvholland

What Can You Do To Repair the Damage After Applying Extensions?

If your extensions are causing undue stress on your natural hair best thing to do is to book in immediately with the hairdresser who applied them. In any case where there is damage, it is best to immediately remove your extensions and allow your hair to recuperate.

To find out more about Great Lengths extensions, or to find the best salon in your area, go to the salon locator and find a salon near you.  In your first appointment, you’ll have the chance to ask your extension expert all of your questions and concerns about the investment of hair extensions.