THE Best Hair Extensions on the Sunshine Coast

We joined up with Pam Stewart of Xtreme Lengths to discuss her recent award with Great Lengths as a 2022 Gold Member salon. Our Gold members are recognised for delivering the best hair extensions and hair extension services in their area. Xterme Lengths of the Sunshine Coast has become a magnet for our clients who seek the ultimate treatment in the world of hair extensions. We asked Pam to tell us a little about her salon.

Tell us about your salon brand and vibe! What areas do you look after and how and when did you become established?

After 30 years in the hair industry and 20 years in small business on the Sunshine Coast with 18 years delivering 100% Remy Virgin ethically sourced hair extensions from Great Lengths Australia, I guess I owe a lot of my success to staying aligned with my beach loving lifestyle with a balance of persistence and consistency of professionalism plus having an amazing long-term clientele

Up here, less is definitely more.
We still want glorious full manes, but we also want to jump off our surfboards and into a cafe – whilst looking great.

I like to give my clients exactly this, so yes, my signature look blends the best of those 2 worlds together.

I find a lot of creative expression via my social media platforms and being able to showcasing my work/lifestyle and proving that my work is effortless and worth every penny !

What do you love about hair extensions and how does they help your clients?

Many clients don’t realise that they are extremely easy to maintain and are invisible when wearing high ponytails and messy buns.
Not only do the keratin bonds have a natural wave and mimic naturally curly hair they also control frizziness and you can grow your hair with this particular technique.
Depending on how busy their lifestyle is and what style they are wanting to achieve with their hairstyle my approach is LESS IS MORE!

From filling a blunt bob with 15 keratin bonds to applying 100 keratin bonds for my beautiful netball players who want thick ponytails when on the court sweating it out!

How long have you been offering Great Lengths and what sets these hair extensions apart?

Well…. after using the brand for over 18 years! I have found that a lot of our business values are in alignment – the quality of the hair matches the level of service I am known for.

The fact that Great Lengths Hair is ethically sourced means a lot to me and I wouldn’t work with any other brand just for this reason.

I’ve always been impressed by the choice of colours that are available, 100 shades to be exact and I much prefer to use instant lightness with the hair extensions when we are wanting to lighten the fragile mid lengths and ends to achieve a more lives in blonde approach then use harsh chemicals which can seriously dry that area out .
This is very impressive to the guest especially when growing there natural length. When we remove a set of hair extensions a lot of guests are pleasantly surprised how much their natural length has grown and the condition is amazing. Personally I feel the Great Lengths keratin bonds acts like a shield and protects this area
It’s a win win situation.

The last thing I’d like to mention is how easy it is to order.

I love that fact that I can take a booking late at night and pop my order in straight away.

But honestly, it comes down to the fact that it is the most beautiful hair in the world! nothing else even comes close.

What advice would you give to someone who was thinking about hair extensions?

You really do attract your own personality when creating a clientele in the hair industry.

From elite athletes to the everyday mother /wife who keeps active my advice is
“you need keratin bond hair extensions!!”

Better still – no one ever knows they have extensions!

The finish we create with Great Lengths is effortless! And I am really honest with consultations and helping my clients make the right decisions.

What’s your hot tip for great hair extensions, be it in styling application, or maintenance?

I have a few go-to non negotiable products and method I talk every client through.

I always request while maintaining extensions at home: a salon shampoo, conditioner and treatment as well as a 100% boar bristle brush.

My go to product is La Biostetique Long Hair Range which is designed for hair extensions

My beautiful clients truly trust what I say and they prove to me that they listen with their longevity of how much time they can achieve out of one application.

Also I highly recommend using a silk pillow slip and small silk hair ties when going to bed, or tying your hair back plait so all the hair follicles are running in the same direction.

Why is your salon the ultimate destination for Great Lengths hair extensions?

I only work with Great Lengths keratin bond hair extensions because the application is so much gentler on the hair shaft.

If you have an active outdoorsy lifestyle, then Xtreme Lengths has the experience and can talk you through the approach and apply the extensions in a way that will give you the most benefits for the look you want to achieve.

I give my clients full aftercare advice and recommend certain products to keep their hair and extensions in the best condition.

Tell us what the images you sent us illustrate

Power, strength, individuality and an injection of self-belief and confidence

What was the client’s hair like?

Holly has fine to medium hair but great density and struggles to add length and volume

How did you approach the application?

We always apply full bonds and target the area where is needed the most for a wow factor finish, we select four shades to follow the existing line of colour work

What was the outcome?

Pure satisfaction for me and instant happiness and gratitude from my guest

How did the client feel afterwards?

Honestly when I look at holly faces and feel the energy she radiates makes my job the easier job in the world ….
Instant shoulders back chin up and a strut in there walk when they leave …
It all starts at the crown and hair extensions breathe confidence into your everyday life.

If someone wants to find you and inquire about hair extensions, how should they find you?

Please contact