Great Lengths Tape Extensions

Great Lengths tape extensions are a type of hair extensions that are applied using a tape-in method. These are a perfect extension option for flexibility to remove and remove when you want, with a quick application and removal. Or if you like to wear your hair down because of the discrete tapes that are one third the size of a standard tape.

What are Tape In Extensions?

Tape extensions consist of small sections of hair that are attached to adhesive strips. These adhesive strips are then applied to the natural hair, sandwiching a thin section of the natural hair between two tape extensions. The result is a seamless and natural-looking extension that blends with the individual’s own hair.

They provide instant length and volume, allowing individuals to achieve their desired hairstyle. The extensions are lightweight and comfortable to wear, and they can be styled, curled, and straightened just like natural hair.


The extensions are applied close to the scalp, and the tape lies flat against the head, creating a natural and undetectable appearance. The high-quality remy human hair used in Great Lengths extensions also contributes to their realistic look. The extensions can be styled, curled, and straightened just like your natural hair, allowing you to experiment with different styles and textures. Great Lengths double drawn tape extensions can provide instant length and volume. Since they are available in different lengths, it gives them the ability to stack for desired thickness. Great Lengths tape extensions can be customised to match your natural hair colour and texture. 

Great Lengths tape extensions are lightweight and comfortable to wear. The tape used to attach the extensions is thin and flexible, making it feel natural and unobtrusive. When properly applied and cared for, Great Lengths tape extensions can last for several months. The extensions are designed to withstand regular washing, styling, and brushing, ensuring durability and longevity. Great Lengths tape extensions are gentle on your natural hair. The adhesive used is designed to be non-damaging and doesn’t require heat or chemicals for application or removal.

Application Process

The application of Great Lengths tape-in extensions involves several steps to ensure a secure and seamless result. Here’s a general overview of the process:

Start with a consultation with a certified stylist who is trained in Great Lengths application. Next discuss your desired look, hair type, and length. The stylist will assess your hair and determine the number of extensions needed.

Before the application, your stylist will wash and dry your hair thoroughly. They may also trim the ends to ensure a clean and even look. Further, the stylist will remove the backing from the adhesive tape on the extension and place it on a section of your natural hair. After that, the stylist will then sandwich another section of your natural hair on top of the extension, securing it in place. This process is repeated until all the desired extensions are applied. Last, once all the extensions are in place, the stylist will blend and style your hair to ensure a seamless look. Incorporating cutting techniques  to blend the extensions with your natural hair. After complete, the stylist will provide you with specific aftercare instructions to maintain the tape extensions properly. As a result, the client leaves the salon with the hair of their dreams!

What makes Great Lengths Tape Extensions Unique? 

Great Lengths tape extensions are highly regarded in the hair extension industry for several reasons, which set them apart from other brands. Great Lengths uses 100% ethically sourced donor consent Indian Temple human hair of exceptional quality. All Great Lengths extensions have never been chemically treated and are lightened instead by osmosis baths. Great Lengths has an extensive network of certified stylists who undergo specialized training in the application and maintenance of their extensions. Working with a certified stylist ensures that the extensions are applied correctly and that you receive professional guidance throughout the process.

If you are interested in getting tape extensions, book in for a free consultation with Great Lengths salon.  Find a salon near you today!