Are Great Lengths Extensions Worth It?

My Hair Journey By: Maya Demeter

How I went from hating my thin, dull, and flat natural hair. To transforming it into thick, voluminous, healthy looking hair using Great Lengths extensions and loving it.

Before Great Lengths

My Natural Hair

Growing up I always had fine, thin hair that never seemed to grow in thickness. Comparing my hair to my sisters that was voluminous and thick. Which was a constant reminder how bad I wanted mine to look like hers. With a love of everything beauty related, I started dying mine and experimenting with styling from the first chance I got. Getting highlights slowly dying my hair blonde through the years. Finding a balance between having healthy hair and achieving the look I wanted was a struggle. The solution was if I was going to keep dying my hair to get the colour I like. I would need to sacrifice the  length by cutting my hair short to eliminate the look of thin ends and damage. Through it all I could never figure out how to grow my hair long and thick like I wanted it.

Looking For A Solution

Finally I accepted the fact that my natural hair would never resemble my dream hair. So in college I started curling it constantly to create the look of volume. Soon after I found out about hair extensions. I had only seen pictures on social media or models wearing hair extensions. I didn’t realising how accessible they were for everyone to get. At first I was hesitant to get them without being educated, risking damaging my hair even more. Until I learned all about Great Lengths and fell in love. 

9 Things I Learned That Made Me Love Great Lengths

  1. Great Lengths hair is 100% human hair, sourced from Indian Temples. Collected with donor consent, exchanged for money going back to the community to promote fair trade.
  2. Indian Temple hair has a natural wave, similar to my natural hair. This simplifies air drying and styling while creating volume and durability.
  3. Every batch is virgin quality, which has never been chemically treated.
  4. Since there are no harsh chemicals used, the blonde hair I use goes through gentle osmosis baths that depigment the hair. With no damage from harsh chemicals like bleach, the cuticle’s shine and bounce stays intact.
  5. Over 100 colours are available that are made by a master colourist. They are blended by hand to match everyone’s unique shade, creating dimensional vibrant colours. 
  6. Their hair is Remy, which I learned means all the hair cuticles face the same direction. This is important for the appearance of smooth hair that is tangle free. 
  7. The organic hydrolyzed bonds are gentle on your hair. I also learned that this type of bond expands and contracts with water, similar to your natural hair. This ensures the extensions don’t slip or pinch your natural hair. 
  8. It gives your natural hair all over volume because each extension is double drawn. This is where all the shorter pieces are removed, leaving strong hair from root to tip. 
  9. With a lifespan of tape being 4-6 weeks and keratin bond being 4-6 months, there are long lasting options for everyone. 

Great Lengths Tape Ins


After learning all of this I got tape in extensions, which were perfect for me. Having the flexibility to remove and reuse whenever I want. It was great to see how I like the look of my new extensions. After I got the perfect colour match from my stylist, she applied them, and ended with a trim. To flawlessly combine the extensions with my natural hair. The application process was so quick and easy, only taking a few minutes. With the discrete tape you can’t see the extensions at all. They were applied at an angle because I often wear my hair up. This gave me the freedom to style my hair in any way I want.

Hair Confidence

I was instantly obsessed so I posted a picture of my new hair and immediately received compliments and questions from my friends. Asking how my hair looked so good and what they could do to transform their hair as well. After getting my first set of Great Lengths extensions I can’t wait to continue moving up my Tape Ins or trying Keratin Bonds next. My hair has never been healthier from using La Biosthetique products that not only care for my extensions but also my natural hair. I have also been wearing my hair natural more often from my new found confidence of having thick hair without having to use heat on it to create volume. I’ve loved trying new hairstyles that my hair was too thin to do before and showing off my hair instead of trying to hide it.

Find a salon near you on the Great Lengths Website and experience for yourself how worth it their extensions are!