Interview With Great Lengths Stylist Stephanie MacArthur

Steph’s career started working in hair salons and then moving to working as a freelance stylist. She currently works for herself at her salon Bleachslide and specialises in colour work. Along with being certified in Great Lengths extensions.

Why Do You Choose To Work With Great Lengths?

Working with Great Lengths allows me to provide my clients with an ethical way to enhance their look. It allows me to give them the option to brighten their hair without any chemical damage. It also allows me to offer a luxury service for clients, that just want to feel extra confident.

What Is Your Favourite Thing About The Great Lengths Brand?

My favourite thing about Great Lengths is that their hair is 100% traceable and is ethically sourced with a completely transparent process. The hair is the best hair in the industry and you can have as many packs as you want. You can start with a little bit just for filling or you can have the full length and volume.

How Has The Accessibility of Great Lengths Improved Your Life as a Stylist and How Easy Is It To Order Hair ?

Great lengths are very accessible, I use the Unwritten App  for all my professional stock and the hair is sometimes even delivered same day. It allows me to offer my clients at home what you can get from a global company.

Can You Tell Me The Process of Learning How to Apply Great Lengths?

This would be completing your certification course. It involves a theory component and then a practical component. Once you’ve completed this, you’ll become a certified great lengths stylist.

Steph Applying Keratin Bond Extensions to Clients

What Advice Would you Give a New Great Lengths Stylist?

I would give them the advice of speaking to clients to gain experience. Telling them how they can become confident using Great Lengths, extensions, and how they can enhance their natural look of their hair with Great Lengths extensions.

What has Been Your Favourite Looks to Achieve With Great Lengths?

Mainly adding pops of colour by using Great Lengths non chemical treated extensions. Or filling in people with fine hair by adding thickness to thinner patches of hair, giving them confidence. 

Why is it Important to Use High Quality Extensions on Your Clients?

Because they last for so long, blend so seamlessly with your natural hair and are ethically sourced.

What Products do you Recommend to Clients After Getting Extensions?

I recommend the La Biosthetique products like the essential shampoo and conditioner to promote the health and longevity of the hair. I also recommend the Great Lengths brush, and the anti-tapwater concentrate that is perfect to use after extensions application and removal to provide moisture and balance PH levels.

Check out Steph’s super cute salon Bleachside, located in Sydney by Northern Beaches!