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New Mum, New Hair?

The quest to keep your hair in good condition whilst being a mum Postpartum hair loss and hair extensions During pregnancy your hormones will be affected and this can lead to thicker or thinner hair. Read on to find out why this happens and if the timing for hair extensions is right for you while […]

Jet-set hair? Great Lengths!

Who’s wearing Great Lengths hair extensions? Long, flowing hair – an ideal of beauty exemplified by numerous female stars from the movie and music industry. Yes, hair extensions are pretty ubiquitous in Hollywood these days. But who, exactly, is wearing them? Quite surprising and exciting, is how real and candid stars have gotten about their […]

What are Russian Hair Extensions

Many brands will claim that their hair is Russian giving the impression that the hair sourced would come from a Caucasian donor, or the assumption that this means high quality. As there is very little regulation in Australia and New Zealand around claims made by extension brands, it is very difficult to disprove these assumptions, […]

Great Lengths Hair Extension Colours

Great Lengths boasts the widest range of colours available globally for hair extensions and while this spans over 100 different colours, the true magic is with the Great Lengths Extensionist who will apply your extensions to give you a perfectly blended look. Your Great Lengths stylist may even give you highlights or a balayage effect […]