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Great Lengths Source to Salon

Great Lengths is the only hair extension company worldwide that oversees the complete supply chain and can make the assurance of being source to salon. Our ethical and sustainable approach means funds for the hair extensions will reach the donors’ communities, people who work within our company allow full transparency over the entire journey of […]

Fact vs. Fiction

As a conscious consumer you might often find your head spinning when trying to make sense of all the labels slapped on each product you buy. Hair extensions are no exception. Here is a short recap of what means what. What is remy hair? Remy hair, a phrase coined by Great Lengths, means all hair […]

From the inside out

With 25 years under her belt as a hair extensionist, Naomi Panizza, has seen it all. And while hair extensions are now a newer trend in some salons, she maintains, what hairdressers deliver is – at the heart of it – the same. In this interview we spoke about hair extensions, confidence, and heaping dose […]

What is a “virgin” hair extension?

Virgin hair extensions simply mean hair that has not been chemically dyed or processed. This is extremely important to the health of the hair strand as the traditional lightening process for hair using bleach, strips the cuticle from the hair. The cuticle of your hair looks much like roof tiles when you look at it […]