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Hair Extensions for Active Lifestyles

Great Lengths keratin bonded hair extensions may be the answer you are looking for if you have an active lifestyle. Whether you’re a swimmer or just love to hit the gym, Great Lengths can keep up with your pace.  Our keratin bond extensions have been tried and tested and have been proven to endure the wet and dry, with very little maintenance.

Extensions for Swimmers

hair extensions at the pool

If you’re a beach lover or you do laps in the pool, the keratin in our bonds is hydrolyzed, meaning it expands and contracts with water. No need to dry your hair, the bonds will expand and shrink with your hair without causing damage. The bond is not affected by chlorine or salt and thus will endure all you throw at it. Just keep in mind that just like your own hair, chlorine and salt water does tend to dehydrate and lighten  hair so the same goes for your virgin hair extensions. Drenching your hair in tap water prior to a swim will help prevent the chlorinated/salt water from penetrating the hair.

Hair Health for the Active

Sweat is a normal secretion, however, if you don’t remove sweat well from your scalp it will weaken your hair over time. Great Lengths bonds are extremely small, allowing you to cleanse your scalp well so that no residue remains. Unlike tapes or other attachments, you are able to wash your scalp thoroughly and keep unwanted effects of sweaty hair at bay.

Stylability with Hair Extensions

Great Lengths are completely invisible if you want to tie your hair up at the gym. Your hair extensions take no more effort to style than your own hair so rest assured that when you throw your hair up in a gym pony, your secret is safe with us.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions are incredibly easy to maintain. If you’d like to know what goes into looking after your hair extensions, have a read from our Hair Extension Maintenance Guide.

If you are interested in having a consultation on Great Lengths hair extensions, please visit our salon locator here. We supply the best hair extensions to Australia and New Zealand. From Sydney to Perth, Adelaide to the Gold Coast, Melbourne to Brisbane we have the highest quality extensions at the very best salons.

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