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Three ways to extend your Great Lengths Extensions Life Span

Your Great Lengths hair extensions have an expected life span of anywhere between four to six months at which point your hair extensions will need to be professionally removed or replaced with new hair extensions. The better you care for your hair extensions, the longer you can extend their life span.

1. Get the Right Home Care for Hair Extensions

Great Lengths hair is virgin quality hair, meaning that it’s never been bleached, and therefore the hair is in fantastic condition. However, it’s still very important to use Great Lengths Approved shampoos and conditioners to maintain the health of the hair and the keratin bond. As keratin is a natural substance, it must be looked after with the correct care.

2. Brush Your Hair 2 x Daily

If you don’t have a Great Lengths brush, head over to the shop right now. The Great Lengths brush is full of soft, pliable bristles that will not catch and pull on the extension bonds, while they are still able to reach your scalp. Regular brushing is good for your scalp as well as your hair extensions and will keep them tangle-free longer.

3. The Bedtime Routine

Simply tie your hair in a loose plait and use a satin pillowcase to stop friction damage. Both of these measures will help reduce the chance of tangles in your hair and the extensions.


How long Great Lengths last also depend on how fast your hair grows, how much oil your scalp produces and your particular lifestyle as well.  Still, with simple regular maintenance you can keep your Great Lengths looking better for longer.  Head over to our Great Lengths Maintenance page to see the full list of care pointers.

If you are interested in having a consultation on Great Lengths hair extensions, please visit our salon locator here. We supply the best hair extensions to Australia and New Zealand. From Sydney to Perth, Adelaide to the Gold Coast, Melbourne to Brisbane we have the highest quality extensions at the very best salons.

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