extensions for fine hair

Hair Extensions for Fine Hair

Women with fine hair often come to us to ask if hair extensions are right for them. The common struggle they face is that, while they’d like to have hair extensions for their fine hair, they are afraid that their hair is too weak or damaged to carry the stress of having hair extensions.

In fact, the majority of our clientele come to us for extensions to give them volume, not length.  There are a number of factors in looking after fine hair with extensions and fine hair must absolutely get especially gentle care.

Hair Extension Attachment Method

Great Lengths hair is bonded with a small bead of hydrolysed keratin. This small attachment is heated to the same temperature as the lowest setting on your styling tongs and thus does not cause damage to the hair.

The Hydrolysed Keratin Bond

There are many bonds that claim to be keratin. Great Lengths bonds are not only made of the natural substance keratin, but our keratin bonds are hydrolysed meaning they will expand and contract with water. This is especially important as the bond of the hair extension will never pinch delicate, fine hair. Unlike other ‘bonded’ extensions on the market which may cause breakage through pinching when the hair swells in water, our bonds gently expand to allow the hair room to plump and contract.

Weight Distribution and angle of Hair Extension

A vital component necessary for women with fine hair is to make sure that the weight distribution of their extension is not too heavy on their natural hair. If the extension is too heavy for the amount of hair it’s attached to, it will pull and strain the client’s natural hair.

For those with low density or sparse, delicate hair the Great Lengths Mini strands are ideal. With a smaller bond diameter and a balanced weight ratio for finer hair types they blend beautifully and gently with fine hair globally or perhaps even just around the delicate hairline.

If the angle at which the extension is put in is not 100% perfect, it may create an imbalanced weight distribution from the hair extension. Great Lengths certified extensionists have undergone intense training and understand exactly how much hair and at what angle extensions need to be placed in order to maintain the client’s own hair health.


If you are interested in having a consultation on Great Lengths hair extensions, please visit our salon locator here. We supply the best hair extensions to Australia and New Zealand. From Sydney to Perth, Adelaide to the Gold Coast, Melbourne to Brisbane we have the highest quality extensions at the very best salons.


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