From the Eastern Suburbs to the Northern Beaches thousands of Sydney salons tout claims to be the best at hair extensions, but how do you know they are right for you? Beyond a cut and colour, hair extensions require a niche professional with experience in hair extensions, one who is capable of providing you not only a beautiful head of luscious hair, but uses the hair extensions that will be invisible, beautiful, easy to maintain and last the longest. This is a tall order, but read on, because we’ve got you covered.

Finding the Right Hair Extensions

To begin your search for the right hair extensions, much of your investigating can be online rather than knocking on every door of every Sydney suburb!

Finding the right hair extensions begins with understanding what is the look you’re trying to achieve. While some extensions may be good for length, they may not create volume because they are not double drawn. Double drawn hair means that the shorter pieces have been removed from the hair extension so that the volume is the same at the root as it is at the ends.

The colours available and hair extensions is another component to consider. Some brands will only have 20 or 30 colours, and this means you may have to dye your hair beforehand, or you will not have a perfect match when they will be fully concealed.

The next thing to consider when you’re looking at hair extensions is the quality of your own hair and whether or not the hair extensions you want will be safe and damage free. If you have fine, thin, or fragile hair that has been chemically treated some types of hair extensions may cause more stress on your hair leading to more damage and thinning.

Finally, of course it’s important to understand the investment in hair extensions and exactly how long you will have your look without needing to head back to the hairdresser.

A few bits of background on Great Lengths that will help you in understanding if they are the right fit for you are as follows:

  • Great Lengths are a professional hair extension product, meaning we only sell to hair salons who have undergone extensive training with us and whom we stock. We do not sell online so if you see somewhere that claims to be selling Great Lengths, it is not legitimate. To have your Great Lengths applied, you will need to see your Sydney Stylist.
  • Great Lengths are 100% willingly donated and completely traceable hair extensions. They are both remy, meaning less tangles, and double drawn so they are ideal for women and men looking for thickness as well as length.
  • Great Lengths has over 100 colours including balayage and root stretches. When you go to your Sydney salon they will match your hair to our swatches for a spot on, undetectable match.
  • Great Lengths are particularly sought after by clients who have thin, fragile hair because of our patented bond. This bond expands and contracts in water so it never pinches on your own hair. The amount of the hair in our bonds is perfectly weighted to never cause strain on the most delicate locks.

If any of these needs suit what you need in your hair extensions read on and find the perfect stylist.

Finding a Good Hairdresser

Sydney is teeming with fabulous hairdressers, but go with your gut and go to a hairdresser you trust. Your hairdresser’s knowledge and experience of hair extensions will be crucial to your experience. They will need to look at your hair and know if it needs extension added.

This all starts online again. Google reviews and Instagram proof, are great ways to have a real look at how other clients felt and also see the salon’s work. If a picture tells a thousand words, than scroll through the images and reviews and make sure that you are satisfied. Things to consider:

  • Are the reviews telling about how the client was looked after?
  • Do they have a good overall ranking ( 4.1 or higher)?
  • When there may have been a poor review, what was the salon’s response?
  • Do the extensions look neat and tidy?
  • Does the natural hair of the client match the extensions?
  • Do the ends of the extensions look cut in correctly to the rest of the haircut so that they are concealed?

Another great way to find Great Lengths stylist In Sydney for the Sydney region is to look at our top New South Wales page. Here we show our platinum and silver partnerships with the top salons in Sydney and beyond. These salons have been awarded for their high level of work with our brand and we love to endorse them. From Waterloo to Newcastle, there are options for the perfect hair extension salon for you.

As well as his top-rated page, you can search for Sydney stylist you do the extensions on our salon search page. Simply type in your postcode and look at the results to find a stylist near you. Each and every stylist in our network from New South Wales has been extensively trained in our hair extensions.

Stylist Remington Meyer looks after A listers like celebrities, models and influencers out of Edwards and Co in Surry Hills, Eastern Suburbs. See more of Remington’s work here:

Questions to Ask your Hairdresser About Extensions

When you choose your hairdresser or two or three to look into, here are some questions that you might want to know in order to weigh up who is the best Sydney stylist for you:

  1. What is your experience with hair extensions?
  2. How long have you been doing Great Lengths hair extensions?
  3. What is the process of getting hair extensions?
  4. Do you offer aftercare services or a service package?
  5. Why do you choose Great Lengths Hair extensions?

The Consultation Process

When you book in for a consultation process your stylist will understand what you want to achieve in your look, be able to answer your questions, and give you a quote. Every set of Great Lengths hair extensions is unique to the client depending on the length they want, the thickness, the thickness of their own hair and the size of their head.

Your consultation will go something like this:

  • Your stylist will ask you what you want to achieve in length volume and colour. They will ask you a bit of hair history too to understand your lifestyle and whether or not you are suitable for Great Lengths as Great Lengths is a long-term extension solution.
  • Your stylist will ‘bond count’, by counting the number of Great Lengths strands needed to achieve that look.
  • Your stylist will then colour match, making special note if you also desire a highlight or balayage effect.
  • Your stylist will calculate a quote based in the above and share it with you to decide.

During your consultation process no question is a silly question so ask away and see to it that you are 100% comfortable with your hair.

Find the Best Extension Salon

With so many salons and shops boasting high quality hair extensions there’s no doubt about it, Sydney has an abundance of salons to choose from. With all the competition it’s hard to really know who is the best, so with this guide we’re here to break it down for you.

By looking at reviews, Instagram pictures, to performance of Great Lengths, we hope we’ve helped you navigate how to research and ask the right questions to get what you want: beautiful hair.

Investigating the best Sydney salons can be done through Instagram. Pictured here, top Sydney Salon in the CBD, Solace Salon located on Clarence street. See more of Solace’s work here: