6 ways to nourish dry hair this winter

There are a million and one products and tips on the internet to help you combat dry hair this winter, but what are the top easy ways to look after your hair with quick and simple changes to your routine?
Here’s our top six ways to keep your tresses soft and bouncy during winter.

1. Use gentle shampoos for cleansing

The first step to taking care of hair that is prone to get dry during winter is to make sure that what you were cleaning it with is gentle. Avoid shampoos that have a high sulphate content, and opt to use shampoos that use gentle ingredients like coconut surfactants. You may also opt to use shampoos which use my micellar cleaning. Micellar cleaning has become all the rage this past year in face cleansers, but there are a few shampoos around that have it. This type of cleaning uses the ionic negative and positive charge in the shampoo to attract dirt like a magnet. In this way, your hair will be left soft and supple.

Read more on micellar water here.

The Long Hair Protective Softening Shampoo by La Biosthetique is a gentle micelles shampoo which provides deep-cleansing, balances out the hair structure, protects against environmental influences and gives the hair silky care. For a more volumised result, opt for the Protective Volumising Shampoo

2. Wash your hair less often

Washing your hair less often will reduce the stress that your hair goes through each time it is cleansed and probably dried with a styling tool. If you need to wash your hair and account that you perspire, you get oily hair, or you might get build-up on your scalp, there are a number of products on the market who have scalp ranges with specific skill products which will look after your scalp whilst you are in between shampoos. This approach will allow you to go longer without having to shampoo as often. For example, you might look at a scalp range like La Biosthetique in order to slow sweat or oil production.

3. Give your hair a break from the blow dryer and styling tools.

If you must blow dry your hair in the winter, change your setting to the cool setting in the lowest heat possible. In place of flat irons, test out some antifreeze in smoothing products on the market to help keep frozen flowers under control. The less he you put your hair through the better it will wear it through winter.

Heat Protector

4. Always use heat protection when styling

Sometimes using tongs or one’s is impossible to avoid for your big night out on Saturday. Ensure that you have a good heat protection product to prep your hair with before submitting it to the head of a tool. Heat protection sprays work like a physical sunscreen, and usually contain friendly silkworms for example water soluble ones. The silicones coat over the hair and work almost like zinc do in a sunscreen. The barrier that they create around your hair fights of free radical damage.

5. Avoid too many chemical processes on your hair.

Chemical straightening, keratin treatments, and colour can all leave your hair feeling brittle, and dry. Space out your treatment as much as possible and consider laying off colour treatments that contain bleach.

If you are looking to bright in your hair during the cooler months, consider Great Lengths hair extensions for a pop of colour or brightness. We have balayage strands as well as brilliant blondes and creamy ashes they can create the illusion of highlighted here.

6. Use masks and nourishing oils.

Infuse your hair with moisture once a week using a hair mask specifically diet designed to treat dry hair. As well it’s advisable to select a nourishing oil, or a product full of omega three fatty acid‘s to look after your ends. Some are gonna oils can be use on damp or dry is and will protect your hair through the heat of the day indoors.

With a little modification to your daily routine, you can ensure that your hair stays supple and soft through the cooler winter months. Avoiding too much heat, too much washing and loading up on some of the more nourishing products will make a world of difference to your hair.


Long Hair Protective Repair Mask is @manebyniki’s favourite Long Hair product

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