Active wear goes active hair


Long gone are the days when women could get their hair said curled hair permed and keep that sell for an entire week. Nowadays women’s at the lifestyles put more demand on their hair. It’s not just looking beautiful at work but it’s the gym session the runs and Pilates that mean our hair has to keep up with our bodies.

It’s a miss conception that you cannot have hair extensions with an active lifestyle. For women who spend time at the beach or pool or in the gym it’s often thought that they are not a good candidate for hair extensions. The truth of the matter as they are a good match for hair extensions. It’s not the hair extensions are not a good match for them!

Here are the three top things you need to ensure if you have active lifestyle and you seek longer fuller hair.

1. The ability to wash your scalp

Because of sweat chlorine and salt water, women who work out must take special care of their scallops and scalp conditions. If there are scalp gets sweaty or water stays on the skin too long the delicate scalp may turn red, become irritated, or bring on dandruff. In very aggravated cases it can lead to worst work psoriasis and more.

Wefts, sewn in hair pieces for any type of hair extension that sits flat against the scalp means that you will not be able to wash your hair thoroughly and reach the skin. This can spell disaster and even though the hair extensions might feel good initially over time it will cause problems. Furthermore the ammonia in our sweat will reduce the hair quality and may actually make your own hair weaker and more susceptible to breakage.

woman in activewear

Great Lengths keratin bonds are placed around the hair shaft but not directly against the scalp. This allows you to wash your hair thoroughly reaching the scalp to remove sweat oil dirt as well as chlorine and salt. After washing the final step of brushing your hair is also for the help of your scalp and the brush needs to actually touch the scalp skin in order to dislodge dead skin cells and falling hair. With a Great Lengths soft bristled brush, the bristles are specifically designed to reach the scalp and exfoliate it well brushing out knots.

Great Lengths keratin bonds are carefully placed on the client’s hair and can last up to 6 months with good care.

hair Ponytail

Great Lengths hair extensions can be easily dried and styled. Ponytail styled by

2. Upstyling

Whether in a topknot or a ponytail every gym goer needs to have their hair out of their face. Many might believe that hair extensions would be obvious with their hair up, but that depends on what type of hair extension you have. Expertly placed tapes can be concealed as well as keratin bonds extensions. Our extensions are small bonds that flex and move with your own hair. They are never set at the temple or the hairline so that your own hair will easily conceal them when your hair is tied up in a ponytail or away from your face with a headband.

3. Easy maintenance

The last thing any girl wants after a tough session at the gym is to have to sleep over drying their hair and styling because of the type of hair extensions that they have in. Many hair extensions have two main problems which are one they need to be dried because they are not high-quality and the bond cannot sit against the hair and air dry. Without properly using a blow dryer and drying the hair completely after gym session did extensions may deteriorate or slipped. The second problem faced by many women with hair extensions is that the hair extensions have no natural wave. This means that they will fall bone straight and not look natural when set against the wave of someone’s natural hair.

Great Lengths hair is made of 100% willingly donated hair from Indian temples. If you look at the cross-section of the hair of Indian women it is an oblong shape not round as is Asian hair. This oblong oval shape of the cross-section is exactly what allows the hair to hold a wave and naturally fall with a beachy texture. Asian hair will fall straight because the circular style of the hair shaft it self drops crawl very easy. If you have hair extensions and you noticed that the curl falls out almost immediately, this is a sign that it maybe Chinese hair. As a side note, 80% of the worlds hair for hair extensions is derived from Asian countries. There is no certification or verification that anyone claiming things like triple a hair or Russian hair actually comes from any other source.

The Great Lengths keratin bonds are also made of hydrolysed keratin which means the expand and contract with your own hair. This stops any pinching that might occur during the drying process. It also insures that the bond will not slip out. Great Lengths keratin bonds are the easiest hair extensions to maintain. You can let them Airdrive or style as you like knowing that the bond will stay perfectly intact and curl and styling will hold all day long.

If you have find for thin hair or simply want a bit of length added but you have never done it because you’re active gym goer or have an active lifestyle do you consider Great Lengths hair extensions gentle on your hair completely concealed And easy to maintain. There is no reason you can’t have it on and keep up your exercise regime with beautiful Fuller my volume is hair.