The Fine Line

Can You Have Hair Extensions with Thin or Fine Hair ?

Whether you born with fine hair or your hair starts to thin with time the result is always the same: a lack of fullness and volume. It’s statistically proven that 50% of people who suffer from hair loss over the age of 50 are women. Yet there isn’t much talk about it publicly. While there are many remedies to help you grow stronger hair in a shorter time span sometimes hair extensions are perfect for those who don’t want to wait.

For women who were considering hair extensions, but also have fine hair, they may be concerned that the hair extensions could damage their own hair on account of its thinness. This is a warranted concern depending on the type of hair extensions one might be thinking of. For example, if the weight of the person’s natural hair is lighter than the extension itself, it may not be able to uphold the weight. Furthermore, micro beads, clip-in extensions and wefts bend the hair making it susceptible to breakage. It is completely understandable that someone with fine hair would not want to risk making their own hair even more thin.

Great Lengths hair extensions are perfect for women with fine hair for a number of reasons. First, the keratin bond is hydrolysed. Hydrolysed means that the bond expands and contracts when exposed to water just like your own hair shaft. Micro beads, elastic, stitching and metal clasps and other forms of connecting hair extensions to your own hair do not have this flexibility and can wreak havoc.

Great Lengths’ keratin bonds perfectly cocooned around a small clean section of the hair.

Damage free hair extensions

The Great Lengths keratin bonds hair extensions bond is attached using ultrasonic waves or low heat. Either of these two methods are gentle on hair and soften the bond so that it can be cocooned around a small section of your own hair. When the bond hardens around the hair it is the perfect tension because it is attached at the right angle so that it does not cause pulling and it’s snug without pinching. Well you can wear these hair extensions for months on end they will continue to expand and contract when you shower, go swimming, or practice any water sport.

Light Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

The Great Lengths keratin bonds are thinner than a pencil and once moulded to the hair, less than half that width. However, for some women this is still too big for their very fine delicate hair. For example, some women may have fineness through the back but typically around the temples of their head they could have fine baby hair that is easily damaged. In these scenarios your hairdresser may opt to put mini bonds in your hair. These mini bonds are half the width and also half the amount of hair. Their advantage is that they are both very discreet in finer areas of the hair and as well they have less hairs contained in them, thus the weight is reduced.

Great Lengths keratin bonds are made thin but can also be sized down to suit all hair types.

Clip in, Tapes and Weaves for Fine Hair

Generally, clip ins, tape ins, weave ins, glue ins cannot be customised to the hair type that the client has. If your hair is very delicate and fine, too much weight will stress the hairs tensile capacity and it will snap over time.

Filler Hair Extensions

You might not be happy with your fine hair, but the silver lining is that women with fine hair require very few extensions to create volume and fullness in their hair. The more dense your natural hair the more extensions one would need to create length without being obvious. Indeed, it may be that you only have fine hair through the side of your head, when we deliver a service a thickening around the sides we call this a quote “side filler”. The results are relatively in expensive for an immediate and dramatic change in appearance.

If you are just beginning your quest in search of hair extensions for your fine hair and do your research. Will the hair extensions be late enough to be supported by your own hair? Is the angle in the direction that the hair extensions are put in correct falling naturally down as does your own hair to stop stress from occurring? Is your hair bent pulled a rat in any on natural way that might cause stress over time? All of these are extremely important questions to think about when going for hair extensions, after all, the point of hair extensions is not to end up with finer hair in what you started with.

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