Saying I do to wedding hair extensions

Planning for your wedding day would never be complete without organising the look for your hair. Many women who begin to look at inspiration for hair online come to the conclusion that either they do not have the length to pull off the style they want, or that they need more volume to get that perfect lock on their big day. In these cases, are extensions might be the right fit.

We joined up with Sydney stylist Nasser Halbouni from Goldie Salon to ask what are the dos and don’ts of hair extensions for weddings.

“Every bride wants to be the best version of herself on her wedding day. Hair extensions can create the photo perfect look. I usually sit down with the bride to ask them questions about what it is that they want to look like on their wedding day. We start with deciding what the end style will be on the day.”

nasser styling hair extensions

Whether a bride‘s bridal hair shown with her hair down, or in an up style, both looks can be achieved with Great Lengths hair extensions. The final look will dictate where the bonds are placed so that they’re strategically positioned in a place where they are concealed for the big day.

“Great Lengths hair extensions have an amazing single strand system that works perfectly if you are wearing your hair up or back on the big day. The bond are minuscule, making a blend from your natural hair into the extension seamless.”

Great Lengths bonds are the size of a couple grains of rice and flex and bend when your hair is up or down to lie flush against your head with no bumps. Nasser recommends knowing your finished look and getting your Great Lengths hair extensions in a couple weeks prior to your wedding day so that you can practice your finished look.

Before you say I do!

Here’s a quick list of things to do to make your most amazing wedding day hair come to life:

  1. Decide on your look for the day and interview the stylist who will do your wedding day hair. Ensure that he/she/they are comfortable with styling hair with hair extensions.
  2. Find a Great Lengths stylist near you and book in for a consultation
  3. Book your appointment for your hair extension application for 2 weeks out from your wedding so that you have time to do a hair dress rehearsal with your extensions in from your wedding day stylist.
  4. Check back with your extensionist just before the wedding to make sure the bonds are all holding and you are happy with your hair.

Honeymoon hair

Beautiful hair extensions that create amazing locks are not just for your wedding day with Great Lengths, but for your honeymoon hair too! Lasting anywhere from 3- 5 months our hair is looking for a ‘long term commitment’.

Great Lengths and weddings are a match made in heaven.

“The reason I would recommend Great Lengths hair extensions over anything else is just the fact that they are the most personalised extensions you can get. With these hair extensions you can colour match your hair perfectly whether you have a multi-dimensional colour or a solid colour it will be a super seamless blend.”

You can find Nasser dolling up the tresses of many a bride from across Sydney in Goldie Salon. As a certified Great Lengths extensionist and senior stylist he looks after women from the Eastern Suburbs and beyond.

couple at wedding