woman at the beach with long hair

Long hair hairstyle trends and styles to try out in 2021

There is no question when it comes to women and hair. They dream of long, beautiful, and seductive hair. Some women were graced with naturally strong hair that can grow long. However, for all those who have a problem growing their hair out, the addition of hair extension is the fastest, most convenient, and popular choice.

A long hair that has a nice volume can be a great confidence booster. That is why, the popularity of extensions has become a trend, and this 2021, and it is all about long hair. As a company that specializes in the most diverse hair extensions, Great Lengths’ offer is so colorful and different from everything you have ever seen. Whether you are a hairstylist looking to offer your clients a wider palette of hair extension options, or just an individual that wants to stock up on a new pair of extensions, Great Lengths has everything you need.

Since this year is all about the length, here are some of the trendiest long hairstyles you can achieve with your new hair extensions:

1970s long cut

Inspired by the 70s, when all the girls and women were wearing the same hairstyle, 2021 brings back this retro vibe. The long cut comes in a soft and feathery version, delivering a fluffy look. The best styling for 2021 comes with the hair parted in the middle, with soft waves that accent the texture.

Long and layered cut

It seems that this cut is never going out of style. The long hair 2000s layered looks are coming back but in a fresher version. For a greater texture, add a few blonde highlights that will accentuate the layering and the length.

Big and bouncy curls

The new trend of 2021 puts the tiny and dense curls as a great look and choice for long hair. Vivid, bold, and seductive, let the curls fall from everywhere, making the hair big and voluminous.

Beach waves

Beach waves are back on the hairstyling scene, and with the addition of the extensions, you will get the best look that you can flaunt the entire year. Soft, romantic, and seductive, the beach waves will instantly make your hair look much trendier.

For any of the desired and upcoming 2021 long hair trends, Great Lengths will provide you with the most quality and colorful choices.