What Is Hair Filler?

A little volume goes a long way when it comes to your hair. By strategically placing just a few bonds through thin hair, you can create blunt bobs, fullness framing your face, and enviable thickness. How’s it done? Read on!

more hair thickness

How many bonds does filler require?

The number of bonds needed for filler is anywhere from around 20‑40 depending on your head size, how much volume you want, as well as where you need volume. In this picture, the aim is to thicken the blunt cut, done by placing bonds through the temples and around the back of the head. The effect is an instant, yet almost imperceptible lift.

What do they look like?

Here’s 10 bonds back to back through the sides. She can wear her hair up or down, but in both cases, the thickness is improved. With hair down, it is going to fall right into those “trouble spots”…where hair tends to thin. This will create lush volume around her face.

bob hair cut

No Damage For Baby Fine Hair

A very common example of hair loss/breakage in natural hair is around the temples and through the ends. It may be temporary, like postpartum hair loss, or more long term. Our bonds are extremely gentle on the finest of hair and can be used as filler for gaps such as these.

How Big Are the Bonds?

Not all bonds fit all. Got super baby fluff in a spot? No prob, we’ll cut down your bond to a tiny itty bitty bond. This means no one will see it, but more importantly, your hair can sustain the weight of the bond and hair. Where called for we go bigger or smaller, in all colours of the rainbow, to make you a custom plan.

keratin bonds

Face Framing Filler

Just as glowing skin creates an aura of health, so does a beautiful thick looking hair. As we age, our hair naturally looses density and it impacts how we feel and how we feel about how we look. Notice the immediate change below? Would you ever think hair extensions?

Make Your Styling Easier

Beyond the added bonus of thickness with hair filler it’s worth a mention how much easier and quicker you can style (or choose not to style!) Your hair. Yes, you can now say “I woke up like this!”

adding volume to hair

Filler and Beyond

Many people feel that fine hair is something they have to accept or put up with. For one it might just be an annoyance, but to the next, it could be devastating to their confidence. Hair Filler is a great way to “try” out Great Lengths before committing to a full application (like below).

How Do I Get Filler?

Like all applications with Great Lengths, you first must visit a Great Lengths Salon. In 15 min they can assess you, colour match you and share their plan and price quote with you. It’s no commitment til you decide you are happy with the cost and you hair plan.
Oh yes, and please share your hair with us! We luuurve to show our community another hair success story!

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